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[Known Issue] Daily AP Bonus

I decided to make this a separate thread than the daily log-in rewards.

Some users are not getting their 2 AP daily for the 'Treasure Map' feature.

We've had trouble reproducing it but have several leads. It sounds like users who are still online at midnight (EST) when the server triggers a new 'day' might be the ones affected. Investigation is ongoing.


  • mobileqamobileqa Posts: 93
    Confirmed. Until the fix is implemented, a temporary workaround is to not be online at midnight (EST)/ 9pm (PST)
  • azerackazerack Posts: 21
    Kind of annoying as I like to play at night before I hit the hay (which is around that time).
    Guess I need to just stop playing before 9am and play something else instead. =P
  • un0wkn1un0wkn1 Posts: 9
    edited September 2014
    Plz fix i been login in with out getting ap if its not the ap its the log in if its not the login its membership issues plz help
    Would realy appreciate it other wise a great game
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  • Trust me, this devs of this game are all stupid thing. They dont know anything, just cheating in game and play like a big cash player while they havent fixed anything.
  • xubxub Posts: 30
    I am not getting it either. Not even with VIP Platinum...
  • sexyvampiremistresssexyvampiremistress Posts: 10 Arc User
    Yes, VIP later to and not getting it either; not even on at reset.
  • xubxub Posts: 30
    It's been a while and no replies from any staff. I didn't get my member reward and I didn't log in at the time they said we shouldn't be on, and even longer to make sure... Pfff
  • I not revive 2AP, Daily Membership Coin, Bug login rewards always 1day. Thanks for not yet fix.IGN xeintz
  • xubxub Posts: 30
    cruzier said:
    I not revive 2AP, Daily Membership Coin, Bug login rewards always 1day. Thanks for not yet fix.IGN xeintz

    Same happened to me again, this time I only got my member reward, no AP, and still day 1 reward.
  • I am seeing this issue as well. I do no
  • lesnaejlesnaej Posts: 2 Arc User
    just logout before 00:00 in game then login back after 30minutes
  • d3vtd3vt Posts: 2
    This just happen to me today. The weird thing is, I stop playing 6 hours before server reset at 0000 and only log in to play 45 minutes after server reset. So why am I not getting any ap for treasure map?
    Does any staff actually read this forum?
  • me to, i didt recieve any daily any 2 ap.. what the use of my bi annual vip...
    action please
  • tarwixtarwix Posts: 6
    Forgot to mention in my other posts that being logged off between 9 pm and midnight Pacific not only gets the daily login gift incremented properly, it also gets the 2 AP. Miss it by even a few minutes and you no get. YMMV if not in Pacific time zone.
  • why don't u just open the server for 18 or 20hrs if u can't solve this problem?what use for the event if we can't get it?
  • Same problem i logged out but didnt get ap (gmt +1 time)
  • Devs please fix these bugs.. You are ruining the game.. If you just want more money then fix these bugs so more players will play and recharge.. My friends always had a second thought to recharge coz of these bugs.. If youll fix we wont have any 2nd thoughts to spend real cash.. iv played so many mobile mmo's and this one got alot of boom to be the best.. il make some suggestions later on.. i hope youll hear me out
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