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[Announcement] How to use this forum

mobileqamobileqa Posts: 93
edited August 2014 in Bug Reports
I just wanted to post this on behalf of the forum moderators to go into detail on how user-submitted issues are handled.

Please, when submitting a bug, remember to use the bug report format listed here:

The more details we get, the easier it is for us to track down an issue and report it to the devs.

Additionally, the forum moderators do not have the ability to compensate lost items or currency. Those sort of requests need to go to the CS team at [email protected] If CS hasn't responded immediately, please be assured they are working hard to make it through their backlog.

If we are able to confirm a bug we'll inform the developers immediately so they can begin working on a fix, but this is not an instantaneous process. It requires time for the developers to find the code errors, fix them, and have the fix confirmed by QA. Sometimes this can take several repetitions of this cycle. Your patience is appreciated during this time.

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