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Offline msgin

Need to be able to msg offline users


  • raynighraynigh Posts: 4
    I would love that option too. Especially our clan members or even have a dedicated message board accessible only by clan members under the clan page.
  • mongjiahmongjiah Posts: 257
    You can send mail to them.. works for individuals, though "clans" (guilds) will prove a larger problem
  • How can you send mail to offline players??
  • mongjiahmongjiah Posts: 257
    Open up your mailbox from top right corner or talk to a mail npc.
  • Well dno what your on but im on ios playing ek and in my email all i can do is report, cant actually message/mail an actual user
  • You can send a player mail by selecting the mail option on the top right hand side of the UI. Select the persons name within the mail menu, then insert your message.

    Also, if you send a person a PM on your friends list (not whisper) and they happen to log off, the message automatically get forwarded to their mailbox and receive a notification to check their mailbox when they log online.
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  • Sorry i dont know what your talking about but that options your talking about just dont exist :S i have mailed ek who have finally written back acknowledging that there is no way to contact an offline player and are looking into something to change that
  • azerackazerack Posts: 21
    Yeah, are you guys playing a different game?
    Even on Android under Menu there is only:
    Card Album, Update Logs, Battle Logs, Runes Album, Achievements, Wanted Poster, Settings, Help, E-mail (inbox only, no option to send) and Gift Code.
    The only mail option is for a Clan leader to send to ALL of their clan.
    Mail to an individual user would be great especially for clans to keep in touch (especially if they do not have a Forum or LINE or can't get to same).
  • kiloiykiloiy Posts: 1
    I think that at the least we sbould be able to reply to clan leader msgs but i support the idea of being able to msg friends and clan members as ek has players who all have different time zones or work schedules meaning not everyone is on at the same time and miss important msgs or helpful discussions.
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