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If i am going to be buying zen and taxed for them...

jdadonjdadon Posts: 9 Arc User
What is this I see. U.S. citizens are now going to be taxed on zen point?? Now I would like to know if outside the united states arc users are being taxed. If they are then I will drop the matter. For years now it was never taxed, why really start now? Is it the amount of money Arc is clearing in a year that is gathering? and the U.S. based Arc is getting noticed by the I.R.S.?

This has put a damper onto my online buying of zen from arc. I most certainly will not be buying zen as often anymore.


  • regenerderegenerde Posts: 88 Arc User
    edited July 24
    Well, i think that everyone else in the world is allready paying taxes on ZEN (or other digital "products") for a while now...
    Welcome to the club?
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