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Return BOI or WOI

nexurulernexuruler Posts: 68 Arc User
these games had good potential but your management team screwed up and made it too much pay to play (it was not even seen as simply pay to win). now its time to make a come back with them once again with a hope that your team learned your lesson and recreate these 2 games far better than what they where and what they could become. I loved these 2 games deeply and its saddening what they became and now here are two choices. restore the glory of these 2 games or surrender the rights to a different company that can remake the game. every year I have seen developers restore old games and remake them better than what they where and now these 2 games have the potential to be better and be fun for many players.

I ask something trivial to a company that has already made millions with their founding game perfect world international and the companies they consumed such as Neverwinter and Star trek online. you guys gave up too fast on Battle of the Immortals and War of the Immortals.
Jack_Shadow WOI Midgard Server.

I can only hope the Developers of WOI can find a way to advertise the game so that players can join.

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