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This forum is specifically relating to ARC

eazzieeazzie Posts: 156 Arc User
There are a number of threads here in the ARC forum specifically aimed towards a game title ie STO Neverwinter etc. You should rellay post in their forums.


  • dragonlord#4719 dragonlord Posts: 1 New User
    In neverwinter this update really sucks you took away the ability to cast both fire based spells and cold based spells I had both you really jinxed the companions and I'm no longer able to do the ques I used to. in essence this update was not well thought. It was bad enough that in the last update we lost the ability to salvage artifacts. now it's worst.
  • captsmokey6captsmokey6 Posts: 2 New User
    I'm sorry to post this in a random thread, but since I'm unable to make new posts atm because of some sort of "probationary period" for new accounts (even though this account is technically old), I have a question: How long do I have to wait until my ability to post new threads becomes unlocked? Could a staff member please unlock this ability for me so I don't have to wait?
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