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Arc Launcher updates and suggestions

mewmewgrrlmewmewgrrl Posts: 2 Arc User
Yesterday I went to play Star Trek Online and was having horrible lag issues. When I went to diagnose where my issues were coming from, it was that the Arc Launcher started to download the new Torchlight Frontiers update while I was playing Star Trek Online.

On the good side, this made me see a new Torchlight Frontiers update was about to come out (yay). But on the bad side, this made me notice there really aren't that many settings in the Arc Launcher and it could use some updates.

Steam doesn't download while you're playing other games by default and then lets you set the download speed if you do decide to. You can set whether the game can download in the background on you on a game by game basis as well. Arc just downloads anyway even though you're on another online game (taking up all your bandwidth to do so) and doesn't have any settings to speed limit the download. It's all or nothing, and no settings to disallow when you're playing another online game through it. Either it's auto updates or no auto updates and if they're on, they happen when they're ready even if the launcher can and should see that you're playing another online game through it and need that bandwidth.

Personally I have bought and paid for a Net Limiter that lets me set limits on everything (which you have to do when you share your net with the rest of the family), but a great many people have not and it would be very nice to have other settings in the launcher.

I know the number of games through Arc are limited when compared to something such as Steam, but using your entire bandwidth to download a game while you're running another online game through the same launcher (and it can see that you are) is not a great way for the system to be set up. At the very least it should have a toggle to set if you want to download or now while you're playing an online game through the launcher already, and built-in speed settings for if you did decide to download anyway while playing something would really be nice.

These updates would really help the Arc Launcher to come more into today and be more functional and let users be more content about having it running.


  • Music. I was wondering if you would consider each vicinity would have it's own unique music. Why should Sharandar and Ice Wind Dale have the same music? There is sooooo much choose from. Just a thought :smile:
  • babios#7428 babios Posts: 1 New User
    I like the game but the graphics are old school. I hope this year our loved game to get an upgrade at the game engine and graphics quality.
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