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[HIT POINT] Multiplier not applied correctly

ishalaiiishalaii Posts: 1 Arc User

Constitution hit point bonus does not apply as shown for all hit point bonus from ITEMS
Example: With 45% maximum hit points from constitution, 800 additional hit points from a radiant enchantment gives me only 79 extra hit points(total of 879). Expected:: 360

Harper bard companion's hit point bonus does not apply as shown (+10%)
Example: With 184 565 maximum hit points, when summoned, the harper bard only gives me 2 616 extra hit points(total of 187 181) Expected:: 18 456

Ergon hit point bonus is as "broken" as Harper

Combination of constitution bonus and Harper and/or Ergon always increase the hit point by 10% more of the item displayed hit points (rather than 60% or 51.975% or 51.75% depending how you would calculate it) meaning it is the same as if the Ergon and Harper were not present/active.

Please could you explain why it is so? or could you solve it(I would prefer!) or just correct the text to fit the result(I so hope you wont do that..)

Thank you very much for your time,


P.S.: Sorry for my english, it is not my native language
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