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My region became unsupported suddenly

usladauslada Posts: 1 Arc User
edited January 4 in Bug Reports
Was playing Arc games for years now, the very yesterday included, and all was fine until this morning.
Then this morning, suddenly I cannot log into the game from this IP address.
Or log into the Arc client at all. Says I was either banned or trying to play from an unsupported region.
Can't even register anew on the Arc website, it says my region is banned.
But I never changed my region.
What happened overnight?

I tried to google thid issue, and I read this exact stuff happened to a lot of people in 2015. Which the Arc employees announced a bug, and fixed it in a few days, so everybody got their accounts back.
I hope what happened to me is the same kinda thing, and will be fixed at some point.

Has anyone else been affected?

Update: Support fixed the issue for me. Thank you!
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