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Arc client loses all preview screen updates

advis#2453 advis Posts: 2 Arc User
By preview screen, I mean right portion of the client where the items from selecting tabs are previewed.

Scroll doesn't work after prolonged page loading.
Sometimes page loads pretty fast and there's no problems (My location is in Finland)
There are times you can lose focus of the screen by clicking somewhere slightly out of the preview and I'm not sure where though...

You also lose all mouse inputs in forums if you resize the screen size.
It reloads the selections you made in freeze and resize shows the current selection...
However I still cant see immediate response. To get them to work, is to select a tab from the left selection again.
This can happen on other tabs aswell. (Home, Games, News, Charge, Library)

To stop getting these problems currently is to:
- Be near servers and forum loads faster.
- Not to resize the client.

To fix some issues:
- Apply the page data again everytime changes occur in the client that affects the view.
- Not to load data twice (client loads the forum, forum loads the user and discussions).
- Possibly have window and the preview be on the same level. If it's encapsulated, maybe use grids to position the data in right spot.
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