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What change would you like to see most in STO? I'd go with queue-ing R&D projects

cyther77cyther77 Posts: 21 Arc User
So, if I want to make 4000 superior tech upgrades, instead of having to come back EVERY 15 minutes on EVERY toon that is making them, I could just set them to make 285 each, 46 for each R&D slot with my 7 toons (for cannons in this case, I have 7 toons that have 20th level in it) starting another one after the other after each set of 2 is finished (99% crit chance) The math isn't exact, since 2000 doesn't divide evenly by 7, so I'd have a few to finish off after that, but no big deal.

Wait 16 hours for it to be done, I mind that way less than having to there the whole 16 hours crafting


  • If I were to ask for one thing, it would be more customization options for ships and purchased races. I was excited to create a Caitian on PS4, only to find that I couldn't give her the hair I had wanted to give her because of limited customization options. Same goes for most ships.
  • papasmurf5700papasmurf5700 Posts: 1 Arc User
    more red alert weekends
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