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STO ground weapons do not fire on any weapon or character

captadammcaptadamm Posts: 2 Arc User
I cant seem to find a way to fire any ground weapons, havent played for a while, just came back but now i redone all my trays, i have weapons slotted to box1 slots 1,2,3 like it always was, but now it will not let me fire, no matter if i click the button on tray or if i use the hotkey, nothing will make my character fire the kit abilities and so on seem to work, this is very frustratin i have searched the internet i tried thier solution to load ui on options it helped once but as soon as i try to have more than one row of boxes there is some ability hidden behind slot 2 (where secondary weapon ability goes) i have seen this happen before on some other boxes a long time ago not sure how to fix i have submitted tickets but nothing yet


  • captadammcaptadamm Posts: 2 Arc User
    IT looks like the weapon ability you load into the power try is to big to fit in the box
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