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Arc, Here's a Suggestion....

songhisonghi Posts: 1 Arc User


  • harmony#9506 harmony Posts: 1 New User
    I want to suggest a legendary card to increase the points earned / buy legendary points via store with cash, for the game Forsaken world.
    Increases Henry's 45 challenge points as we need lots of points for a play and we do not always get the same on MARC roulette.
    I also propose the return of arc games (arc points). B)
    Thanks :)
  • captainrupert022captainrupert022 Posts: 1 Arc User
    How about start releasing new episodes across all platforms at once an not have the long gap between PC and Console releases.

    Also, allow platform changes of accounts. I currently play in Xbox an want to move to PS4, but i refuse to start over again. I've spent years playing an don't want to loose it. If i can't take my characters over then i'll jist have to give up my favourite game. As i'm not paying subscription for Xbox Live just for this game.
  • captsmokey6captsmokey6 Posts: 2 New User
    It would be cool to have reward points back.
  • desireguy#9878 desireguy Posts: 1 New User
    edited July 10
    lol this is <strong>good</strong> [B]suggestion[/B]
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