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How did you manage to break ARC... dumb question

sentinel64sentinel64 Posts: 782 Arc User
I remember that ARC use to work this way:

Select a specific game under GAMES and then go to HOME and the homepage for the selected game appeared for starting. I have two game STO and NW.

Now it works this way.

Select NW under GAMES and go to HOME to find STO has the active homepage for starting a game. The only way to get NW to come up for starting through ARC is to use Play for Free button on NW's page under GAMES. Of course I can just use the icon on my desktop, but wanted to bring attention to how ARC is also part of the broken stuff from PWE.


  • headstashheadstash Posts: 2 Arc User
    it's because these guys are second rate idiots. can't even play because apparently my mouse buttons don't work. try to contact support and i get a error page, too many redirects. these guys are idiots. don't give them money, they really don't deserve it
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