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Forum muting should not be a thing

gigabear#4407 gigabear Posts: 3 Arc User
For the uninitiated, this would appear to be a moderation tool that is somewhat uncommon, but present on these forums where your posts will be visible to you, and you alone.

Now, the obvious intent is probably to give someone a "cooling off" period who is being disruptive, but it is currently being used as a "shadow ban" to get around the normal discipline process of infractions and points by setting the duration to, apparently, infinity. Players should be informed when their conduct is in violation of the rules, how they violated them, what penalty they received, and by whom.

This keeps the process transparent and prevents biased or corrupt moderation practices from taking root.

On that subject of mods, most forums have a policy of prohibiting them from getting involved in heated discussions with other users to avoid any hint of bias in any future decisions made by them against another player with whom they expressed a strong dislike for.

That is definitely a thing on the Champions Forums. And it is my firm opinion a full audit of the community moderators there should be undertaken at once and anyone found abusing their power to be immediately stripped of it and replaced.

Thank you.


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