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Missing Item/Reward

kentoshynkentoshyn Posts: 1 Arc User
Hi All.
Im playing PWI on Twillight Temple Server: Wild_Boy .
I hit the 20.000 points in the treasure key packs,
but i missing the Dull Zenith Skull reward of this packs.


  • pablo987#6468 pablo987 Posts: 1 New User
    Feeling so bad for you.
  • ackarustaackarusta Posts: 1 New User
    I was supposed to get the Twitch Prime Elite Intern Bundle for the Neverwinter game. I went through all the steps several times, waited for weeks, sent in a ticket to customer "help" who just told me to follow the steps I had already done a dozen times, went through the process 6-8 more times, waited a few more days, updated my ticket and got no further response. Is Arc Games a real company? Does it have actual employees, as in somebody that knows how to type on a computer? I have used Twitch Prime Loot on several other games without trouble, but here the silence is deafening. Anybody have any suggestions, other than uninstall Arc and file a fraud report with my credit card to get a chargeback/refund for the money they conned me out of already?
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