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I don't care if this is the rwong place for this post

alistarunchainedalistarunchained Posts: 116 Arc User
Yo i don't care who the admins here are but tell your lazy Swordsman ADMINS to get off their lazy butts and give us the Shaolin class update and compensation for the gear bug abuse and few months of missing weekly codes this is BS how is this company making any cash with such lazy workers there are like 10000000000 changes that were promised then we got new thread to post for some new stuff nobody even cares without the old issues being fixed heck the game has even less players base then the time 90% of the player base quit since the best Admin who actually did her job 200% better then most of you was replaced by one braindead admin who was later replaced by 2 even more lazy and brainded admins IF YOU ARE GOING TO SHUT THE GAME DOWN THEN DO IT IF NOT GIVE US THE PROMISED FIXES AND CLASS UPDATES WITH THE NEW EXPANSION
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