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'TEMPORARY' Disabling of Arc Quests

jawredjonesjawredjones Posts: 3 Arc User
Last month, you all posted of the 'temporary' disabling of ARC quests for PC users.

A month has passed without any indication of when we're going to see this restored with the 'new and improved' system you all are supposedly 'rolling out'.

If this was the first time you all have promised something is being 'temporarily' disabled while a 'new and improved' version is being worked on, I wouldn't be skeptical. But, like the boy who cried wolf, this line has been used before when DQ Quests were 'temporarily' removed from ARC while a 'great new version' was being worked on. That was more than 3 years ago.

So the question I'm asking is if ARC quests are 'truthfully' going to be coming back? I would appreciate some kind of an ETA, even if it is as vague as saying "Fall of xxx year', as just an assurance of when we can expect to see this restored. A vague list of features that may be included in the upcoming release would be better still.

I just hope there is some indication of when we can expect to see this feature again, and that we're not being lied to... AGAIN.


  • crownmancrownman Posts: 10 Arc User
    ANY word, ANYWHERE, about When Arc Quests are Returning??
  • sylhoulsylhoul Posts: 1 Arc User
    Are you all going to actually answer this question, or just let this thread die? Smart retail stores learned long ago that one happy customer tells 3 people and one upset customer tells 11 people.

    You can choose to be honest with your community and tell us what is really going on, or you can find out how many players such as myself have blogs with over 10,000 followers. You can choose to have your community be attracting other players to your games, or warning them that all they'll get is dishonesty and disappointment.

    The choice is yours. This is not a threat, but it is a warning of how continual dishonesty as I've been observing in increasing frequency will result in a rapidly dwindling player base if this keeps up. I hope you all don't learn this lesson the hard way. It would be a shame to see these games come to naught as well.
  • cassieg978#3681 cassieg978 Posts: 1 Arc User
    I already deleted the games I started playing due to quests with no word of them returning. Please let us know what is going on. I've been logging onto even the games I like less due to this whole thing...
  • meddlefxmeddlefx Posts: 2 Arc User
    Temporary my ass. If you've got enough points left to buy some game cash, do it now... I bet that'll disappear too.
  • gorrrmmgorrrmm Posts: 4 Arc User
    I also just sent in a support request to Arc and they said come check the Forum...looks like they just told me to take a long walk off a short pier! I also stopped playing all the other games since they removed the quests.
    Please let us know the status of the ARC Quests!!!
  • galwaytazalangalwaytazalan Posts: 1 Arc User
    I have a strong feeling it isn't coming back anytime soon. Since people were using it they lost money because people did the quest rather than buy the currency for your particular game. I know of several people I got to check out Star Trek Online and Neverwinter who start the arc points and either were getting close to that 5000 mark or one more day of quest and they would. They no longer play as they felt burnt by Arc-Cryptic-PWE. They won't come back with anythig new as they can't fix bugs in those two games that have been there since they added a feature to the game, why would they put any effort into fixing the arc quest/point system. That or they are trying to find someway to ensure you play X number of hours before you can earn points or have to buy something for that game.

    Along time ago, they use to have peanut labs I think doing the reward system for them and they got rid of that. They also took heat from users when they closed down some games and people had already put in all but 1 more quest of that game to get points and they didn't somehow find a way to add it some sort of daily sign-in to arc or other replacement. I know this happened to me several times. Even after the game was shutdown, it would show up as a quest, as I guess they didn't feel a need to remove it from the que.

    Since they really didn't get anything from the quest system, I doubt they are going to spare support hours to either return the system or they are trying to find a way to make it much harder to get those points.
  • tentaturtentatur Posts: 1 Arc User
    hellow: i wish know when arc games will back. i got 4000 arc point, and canot trade anything. And canot ocntinue doing point in PC. havnt xbox, or play station for doing. pst thax
  • sustrasustra Posts: 1 Arc User
    The arc quests where good for people who don't have the money to spare from time to time as bills can get in the way, but then there are people like me who have medical problems making it impossible to work, and unable to get disability because it is seen as I am too young to have anything wrong with me. So these arc quests was a god send to people like me. If it doesn't return I will be greatly displeased specially if to get a new chacter race say like the dragonborn race in neverwinter for example and have to use so much ingame currancy which will then have to be bought with real money I don't have ruins the fun of games seriously. No support for people who can't even get an income to save thier lives is bad business sense.
  • jawredjonesjawredjones Posts: 3 Arc User
    To say that PWE "didn't get anything from it" is a bit of a stretch. They got free advertising. They got players coming over to try out a new game after having a quest to log into it. I know for a fact, that I never would have tried out Forsaken World, Star Trek Online, Stronghold Kingdoms, Neverwinter and at least half a dozen others were it not for the ARC quests. At LEAST 3/4 of these I put real currency into several times a year as a direct result of the ARC quests.

    Since the powers that be are too short sighted to see the value of this though, and too immature to answer my post from a month ago, here's a promise I WILL make to PWE. You have succeeded in turning me from being one of your strongest supporters, and one who had invested hundreds of dollars in your crooked empire, into a former player who will never again spend a dime on your corporation until you learn honesty. I promise you, I will not be the only one. There are plenty of games out there where the businesses act with integrity. You, "perfect" world entertainment, are no longer one of them.

    I don't know what really motivated you to drop this system, perhaps the thousands of a penny on the dollar of 'lost' revenue every few weeks was too valuable in your eyes. You clearly don't realize that lost players measured not in the tens, not in the hundreds, but in the thousands are going to hurt you far more.

    Cambridge Analytica learned the hard way what happens when a company doesn't act with integrity. Perhaps you will change your practices before you go the same way they did. Otherwise, you have dug your own financial grave as far as I'm concerned.
  • murrayc70murrayc70 Posts: 1 Arc User
    Another stuck with 4000 points here and no-where to go. I think the idea was to get more than just "Log in X Times" or "Play game X" ideas. I think the hope was to get external sources involved (i.e. Watch this ad for 100 points, complete this survey for 500 points etc) where they would get something out of it.

    That said the only reason I downloaded Champions and Neverwinter was because of Arc Quests so that was a new player in two games. I was being worn down to try Gigantic because, hey 1000 points just to have a go, and when I buy currency I usually wait for when there is a boost on, and arc quest has done that too,

    Just as an aside, I am eyeing up subnautica. Price is pretty much the same over all the different stores (Arc, Steam etc) so I was going to buy it on Arc for the rewards. If we don't get a replacement I'll probably go for steam as I use that way more.
  • regenerderegenerde Posts: 68 Arc User
    Well, i'm also starring at 4k Arc points just sitting there... i'd like to suggest giving us at least the option to exchange any remaining points into a fitting amount of ZEN.
    I do believe in killing the messenger...
    Want to know why?
    Because it sends a message!
  • kurgan2001kurgan2001 Posts: 8 Arc User
    Almost the end of May and no sign of an update or anything. Please. Some word or something would be nice to have.
  • regenerderegenerde Posts: 68 Arc User
    edited May 23
    Funny thing happened today, i got a "How are we doing?" Arc survey email, gave them a 1 (unlikely to recommend PWE/Arc games) and explained that i might consider recommending their games again, if Arc quests are returned.

    I know, i know, probably not going to happen any time soon - may be after the next summer sale - but there isn't much left we can actually do to be heard...

    I stated a few other points in this survey too of course, but returning Arc quests was the first one.
    Anyway, may be others got this survey too, and they could also at least mention Arc quests as well?
    I do believe in killing the messenger...
    Want to know why?
    Because it sends a message!
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