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Suggestion to improve certained under powered items, and why. (Star Trek Online) (part two)

cpttristancpttristan Posts: 11 Arc User
This is part two of the suggested buffs in Star Trek online.

Stay on Target (Starship trait): Found on the Mercury Class. This ability will reward you for... well staying on target. If your front stay within a certain angle for long enough (4 seconds) the ship shall fire a projectile to the enemy, dealing Kinetic damage. I think this a truly fun ability. It encourage someone to stay in a certain position or hold on to a certain way of fighting. However the damage the projectile deals is really low. And considering it is a Starship trait, and that starship traits are often the strongest straits (and can define a ships way of using), and also taking in consideration that weapons and even photo torpedo's do so much more damage I think it is save to say it deserves a buff. It's current base damage is 50.5 and when all the modifiers come in place the number will get a lot higher of course, on my account that I use the ability on I get around 3k or 2.8k damage.
I would like to suggest to atleast double it's damage to 110 base damage or increase it's damage rather from 100% to even 150% making the base damage 135.25. And I personally think the 150% increase is most worthy for a Starship trait type of trait.

Highly Specialized (Starship trait): This is probably one of my more favorite traits just by the fact it encourage players to have a lot of specialization skills, allowing for new ways to play and discover reward them for it. I truly like using it. The ability does the following. When you use a specialization you will reduce the cooldown of other specialization's and also increase hull restoration, Exotic particle Generation and Starship weapon specialization by 10, For 20 seconds which can stack 5 times. I think the team nailed it on most stats on this ability and I am glad this is in the game. However it is truly almost impossible to achieve 5 stacks. And even if you are lucky enough to get 5 stacks you will enjoy 5 stacks for a second of three before it goes down once more. 20 seconds isn't enough to unlock the true potential of this wonderful trait.
I would like to give the advice to increase the duration to 40 seconds because Specialization skills can have high cooldown, even with the 5% reduction. Or even go as far as increasing the duration to 50.
Or another way to improve the skills user friendliness is to just keep the 20 second duration when every-time you get a stack of highly specialized the counter refresh's so both the first and second (and third and fourth and fifth) stacks will all have the same counter rather them all having their own counter and when you reached five stacks that every-time you use another skill it will of course not give you a sixth stack but just refresh the counter. I think this one might work best as it will respect the nature of the skill I think it has. it will make the user want to use as much specialization skill and keep using them to keep the stacks going.

Overwhelming force (starship trait): This trait will add a extra effect to beam overload and high yield. It shall create a particle burst effect on the target hit by beam overload and create a shockwave with High yield. It's just that that particle burst effect drain so small is that it truly is barely noticeable. A simply fix could be increasing it's drain.

Standoff (starship trait): This ability will increase the damage you deal to someone front arc by 15% but the damage will be reduce by 5% to players. 5% is barely noticeable. And considering how hard it is to hit a player in her/his front arc will make standoff even less useful. Maybe we could just remove the 10% damage reduction on players. That will make the skill usable in PvP.

Console - Universal - Subspace Eddy (Federation pilot ships consoles): This ability will deal kinetic and provide a AoE tractor. It will do that by spawning 3 eddy's or 5 when you have the full set. However the damage of the eddy's is truly underwhelming. It couldn't even take a odyssey class from 100% to 98% the ship is on point blank within all the 5 eddys. And the pulls does not pull at all, not even when almost in point blank. it is truly sad and annoying not only because the console doesn't what properly what it says it does but also because I paid quite a lot of money for the console.
A simple fix would be to increase both the pull and damage by a large amount, If I may suggest.

Console - Universal - Microprojectile Barrage Launcher (Federation pilot ship console): There isn't much about this console I find underpowered. Though, I must say increasing it's damage from 451.6x2 to 560x2 every .5 seconds might be a real nice buff. But that isn't the reason why I would like to point this console out. It seems this console also adds a effect of knocking back the foes it hits. But after testing it on multiple different type of ships I have seen it doesn't knock back anything, not even slightly.
Maybe improving the console's knock will grant value to her... knockback.

Tetryon Glider (2 piece set bonus of the "Omega Force" set): This ability will add a bonus shield drain to your weapons. But the shield drain is truly abysmal.
I think the 2 piece will get a boost it deserve if we could increase it's scaling so it could scale more dramatically or simply increasing the base drain.

Console - Universal - Causal Anchor (31st century ships): This shall summon two 2 temporal Anomalies that both deal damage and Repel the enemy. But it appears the Repel is too weak to be notice and the damage isn't really something to be frightened of. Making it just two big fancy Anomalies crashing into each other and nothing more.
Increasing it's scaling with Exotic abilities will not only improve the console but also make the console as deadly as the player dedication is to dealing Exotic type damage. Making the console decent for most uses but truly exceptional for people who sacrifice a lot to go the extra mile to get Exotic damage, Which I think the Console is trying to represent. And increasing the console Repel will make effect more fearsome.

Pilot ships tactical maneuvers: The tactical maneuvers is something truly enjoyable to use and makes the pilot ships unique. It also grants a immune while in it's effect. But it also triggers the immunity lockout. Normally I would not complain as the immunity lockout should trigger when one is immune but the Immunity of the pilot ships is so short I don't think it is worth trigger the lockout of. So if you agree with me in that matter it may be an option to remove the lockout effect, so other immunity that last longer then less then a second get a chance to activate.

This is all. I hope this will be heard of the community and the STO team. Have a nice day everyone!
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