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Suggestion to improve certained under powered items, and why. (Star Trek Online)

cpttristancpttristan Posts: 11 Arc User
edited November 2017 in Suggestions
Goodday people! I have noticed certain abilities, skills and more are a little bit on the weak side. And some of them are abilities that people pay money, resulting it just being a waste of money. a truly pity situation. so I listed those that I found and hope that posting them here will trigger some discussions and ultimately that Team Star Trek Online might consider doing something about it

Exotic modulation (Starship Trait): This is an ability that came from the Chronos Temporal Dreadnought I bought with the other 2 sister ships. This ability is meant to increase ones Exotic damage by 20% for 15 seconds once the carrier makes use of any Temporal bridge officer ability or redirect energy modulation. on first sight this ability doesn't sound too bad. But when considering it is a Starship trait and not a normal trait (And one people have pay). I think it wouldn't be a too big of a problem to increase it's damage a little bit. Especially when I found out that a other trait that a friend of mine has does the exact some time but better and even more. The Checkmate trait found on the Science Star cruiser. It increases Exotic damage AND Projectile damage by 30% for 15 seconds. in order to gain these bonus's you have to use one control ability. When we compare the two traits it is obvious which one is superior even though when buying the ships are the same price. So I would like to suggest to buff Exotic Modulation so it will have value and not stand in Checkmates shadow.
Of course we don't want a faceless copy of the Checkmate ability, Just enough so it has the same value as checkmate. So while Checkmate improves multiple things the Exotic modulation is meant to only improve one. With that in mind I think we can buff the ability if we could Increase it's damage from 20% to 35% or even 40% and the duration from 15 seconds to 20 seconds. I think that would strengthen the ability's nature and making it has the same value as Checkmate.

Structural Integrity overcharge (Starship trait): This trait is found on the Ajax class escort. I think this trait to has a lot of potential but got a little underpowered. The ability should increase the hull regeneration with a high engine subsystem power (Unmodified). The numbers are already small on max power but when all of the Lukari equipment got released that brought a new dimension to regeneration the ability truly lost all it's value. the equipment out now that increases hull regeneration are so high in numbers that the trait simply cannot keep up. A few examples are the Kobali regenerative circuity 2 piece bonus grants 0.2 hull regeneration (passive) on it's minimum power! While the Structural Integrity overcharge only 0.09 on it's Maximum! or let's take the Protomatter Capacitor. Everything you use Energy syphon, Tachyon beam or charged particle burst you shall receive 30% hull regen and 28% shield regen for 15 seconds... which can stack Three times! the Structural Integrity holds no place nor value to compete with these monsters.
I think we can put the spotlight on this ability again if we just increased it's regeneration dramaticly Maybe increase it's maximum regeneration to 40% or 30% (Or even higher! as it is a big sacrifice to get so much unmodified engine power) and it's minimum to 10% or 15%.

Enhanced power Condensers (Starship trait): This ability comes from the breen Rezreth Dreadnought cruiser. It increases max subsystem power by 5 and max shield Capacity by 10% for 15 seconds (with a 30 seconds lockout) When using enegy syphon or tachyon beam. To put it simply, it appears this trait appears to have fallen off through time. It might be a good fix if we could add an extra effect to or increase some numbers.

Subwarp sheath (Starship trait): This one is found on the Icarus class. this trait increases energy weapon penetration to a max of 15 when you have increased speed. After using this i notice that this trait is unforgiving in when one may achieve it's maximum armor penetration. My experience is that it is too harsh on her user. having maximum engine power isn't even enough to get it's full bonus. you must use something that boosts your speed by big numbers. Like emergency power to engines or something else. I think in Sto standaards 15 Armor penetration is high but the requirements to achieve it with this trait is even higher and not worth it anymore. And when someone get's such speeds it is so hard to control a ship and keep your cannons or even beams aimed that this trait just becomes a nuisance. I would like to suggest two to increase the traits quality and make it more user friendly.
We could keep the high speed requirement but then just increase it's max armor penetration to 25 or even 30 so the user have a bonus according to their ability to control their ships and still have a usable trait. For example someone who isn't a true master of controlling her/his ship can enjoy a 10 or 15 armor penetration which isn't it's max for the use needs to perfect her/his piloting skills to control her/his ship in faster speeds but still a really nice number. And that the pilot veterans under us can use it's full bonus.
Or we could keep the 15 armor penetration and just reduce the threshold to achieve the maximum armor penetration.
While the second suggestion will increase the general purpose and general friendliness of the skill the first suggestion will make it really based on the skill of the users ability to control his/her ship but still makes it usable for most people. (And I personally think I like the first one more as it is more fun and would also encourage players improve themselves in certain ways. And in the end a game is about fun, right?)

There is more. but I am out of writing space. I shall post a part which continues this list. :smiley:
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