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Numerious bugs that REQUIRES fixing. (Star Trek Online)

cpttristancpttristan Posts: 11 Arc User
edited November 2017 in Bug Reports
Gooodday good people. I have found several bugs within this game. and I tried many ways to get this under the attention of Cryptic. They have not worked. So I would like to post this here. And hopefully this gets attention by the community. So that the STO team can put their effort in fixing the game! The more voices the more chance of it getting noticed!

Coordinated Targeting Solution (Personal Space trait): the problem with this Ability that is when you defeat a foe under Fire on my mark too quick the ability will not get a reduced cooldown. Knowing this ability should encourage one to defeat it's marked foe quick is contradicted but the very fact the ability will not work when you defeat a foe quick.

Subspace Reinforcements (Starship trait): This ability is listed to send out support ships when the carrier of the trait receives 2 support crafts when it's carrier losses 15% health within a quick set amount of time. But when testing the ability it appears the ability triggers at any-kind of damage. Losing 1% health is enough for it to trigger.
Even though the text never said anything about a cooldown I still feel concerned the ability has no cooldown at all, meaning it has a 100% up time. For example if you deal 1% damage to the enemy holding the skill it will proceed to summon the support ships. If you take down the support ships and touch the carrier again another set of support ships shall be summoned once again.

Advanced Radiant Hypercharge (3 Piece of the "Radiant Armament's" set bonus): This ability should fire a devastating blast towards the targeted enemy once activated and shall do even more damage when the enemy is below a threshold of 50%. When I tried the ability the ability fires very, very unregularly. It very rarely fires when you trigger it. Because it is a beam upgrade for the Advanced Radiant beam/cannon it will have a window of 30 seconds when you can fire it before it times out. And due to the fact it fires whenever it wants it often happened to me that the ability did not fired at all for the full duration, no matter how much I pressed it's fire button.

Energy Web (Starship trait): The ability is supposed to hold and deal physical damage it's victim when you fire a beam overload and hit him. Which it does, too well. The ability cannot be resisted by ability literary made to resist holds and when you are under an hold immunity it still holds you. It also an "added bonus" that it will remove any and all immunities on ones ship. And knowing the Tier 6 Intel assault cruiser I have has a console with a 2 minute cooldown that is literary made to make my immune will get countered by a 15-30 cooldown cheap ability, just as all other immunities within Star Trek Online, it is just not right especially knowing there is no text telling us it does it. thus giving me the idea it was never meant to have the effect.

Radiant Subatomic Pulse (4 piece set bonus of the "Iconian Resistance Starship technologies"): This ability should grant 33% bonus damage for 30 seconds when activated. along with some other bonus's. It does not grant 33% bonus, the bonus is extremely lower listened, infact an passive I have granting me 10% extra damage shall grand me more damage.

Temporal Phase overcharged warp-core (an warp-core): It's activation should grant a 50% reduction to ability though it appears it gives a lot lower cooldown reduction. I am not sure if that is intended or not? But or the description is lying to us or the description doesn't show us the correct reduction, It also seems that with more cooldown reduction abilities.

Viral engine overload (Lukari Reputation Tier 2 upgrade): this should knock the enemies impulse subsystem offline for a set amount of seconds and after, reduce flight speed and turn rate when you critically hit a enemy. which it does but just like the energy web, Too well. it cannot be resisted and when immune to these effects you still get effected by it.

Pilot team I II III (Pilot bridge officer skills): This ability tells us it makes the user immune to movement debuffs, it doesn't.

Molecular Deconstruction (Temporal ship inherited ability): The bars that should tell you when the skill is charging or charged does not work properly. sometimes it says it is charging while charged and sometimes it says it is charged while not charged.

All command abilities on cruisers (not from Command ships, but the abilities such as 25% weapon power reduction and such) and Threatening stance: This also seems to be mostly a visual problem. When you use it, it is possible that after a while the icon that must show it is activate disappears, giving it the icon that it is deactivated. Making people think they have not used it and making them use it which results in it actually being deactivated.

Hanger pet AI: They just don't listen to your commands, they just don't.

Predicative Decay Algorithms: I am 100% sure about this one but it seems it does not grant a 25% Damage over time and hazard damage bonus, it seems a bit lower. But I have to add again, I am not 100% sure about this one. As I haven't done deep testing into it.

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  • defufodefufo Posts: 2 Arc User
    I'd suggest to post this in the bug report section of the sto forum. If they don't read it there, they never read it here...
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  • vilem#8033 vilem Posts: 2 Arc User
    can you help me i became a commander then i get free ship (heavy cruiser)
    but when i looked to ship list in character status it isnt anywhere it isnt in dry dock too
    then i looked to ship requestions and ship costs 17 000 dilitium
    please help

    Account: [email protected]
  • botanybangbotanybang Posts: 2 Arc User
    edited January 28

    can you help me i became a commander then i get free ship (heavy cruiser)

    but when i looked to ship list in character status it isnt anywhere it isnt in dry dock too

    then i looked to ship requestions and ship costs 17 000 dilitium

    please help

    Account: xxxxxxxxxxx

    I can't help you there... but you shouldn't post your e-mail adress here, and consider to ask for help in the appropriate Star Trek Online Forums.
    Some hints: Maybe go to the ship selector and see if it's there. If it's there, make it your active ship. If it's not there, try to relog...
    Good luck, I hope you'll find your ship and have fun with it!
  • When sitting outside Earth space dock or entering PVE the camera doesn't respond and move anywhere like it used to. :'(
  • apraixapraix Posts: 1 New User
    want talk about the romulan mission you do at about level 21 called "mind game". i did a long ticket and gm was unable to resolve issue . During the mission two fo items needed to complete it will not show up in the med bay , the pacemaker and some sort of medical shot. I tired restarting mission several times and re-verifying files on launcher with no results. So i attempted to replay this mission with my higher character and it worked fine. So the problem must be with my character. I have done some research and this issue has been known problem for 2015 still unfixed reported via reddit a post in 2015 so just asking a dev team to give this issue a look over and try and fix it once and for all , as of right now my lower romulan character is stuck and can not progress any further with episode missions till it is.
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