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Arc Quest "Log into Arc on 6 consecutive days" counter reset!

grizzlyukgrizzlyuk Posts: 78 Arc User
I've been logging into Arc every day for months now, checking the Arc Quests each day to see which new ones are available that I can complete and which one I'll never complete to delete so as to get a new Arc Quest slide in. Yesterday the Arc Quest "Log into Arc on 6 consecutive days" was at 5/6 so when I logged in today I wondered why I wasn't notified that I had completed a quest. When I opened Arc Quests the quests had reset back to 1/6 so, after wondering if I did, somehow, forget to log into Arc yesterday, I checked my "..\Perfect World Entertainment\Arc\Log" folder and sorted the files by descending date. There were the two log files for today (10/11/2017), along with two log files from yesterday (09/11/2017) timestamped 15:30 / 15:31 as well as log files for every day going back well over 6 consecutive days! I tried restarting Arc in case there was some sort of problem, but the quest counter still shows as 1/6 so Arc Quests has reset the counter for that quest for some reason.

Figured I should report this as a potential bug, I'm not particularly bothered about having to wait another 5 days to complete the quest, but I am certainly bothered about why the counter for that quest has been reset when I haven't missed logging into Arc for the last 6 consecutive days! If needed I will be happy to supply copies of any and all Arc log files or just a screenshot of my "..\Perfect World Entertainment\Arc\Log" folder showing the relevant files.
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