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Suggestions for Neverwinter

mensarmensar Posts: 278 Arc User
Since Neverwinter doesn't appear to have a suggestion area, I'll post here and let a mod move it.

1. Make the aesthetic visuals for armor and weapon enhancements optional/hideable. There's nothing worse than spending hours farming to get a new set of armor only to have the fire from a fireburst enhancement totally hide it. The same goes for weapons with vorpal or lightning (especially lightning) that totally hide the weapon.

2. Make non-stable mount storage sortable or searchable.

3. Make the AH able to do inverted sorts (I.E. clicking the little green arrow next to "buyout" should invert the sort and put the highest amounts of buyouts at the top)

4. Make the AH have a column of sorting for NUMBER of items for sale in a listing. So if I'm looking for a stack of 10 enchantments, I can pull up enchantments of the type I want and then search for the number I want in a stack or SORT it by that (see #3) so I can find a stack of '10' for example if that's what I need.

5. Turn OFF on-demand patching by default. The game runs SO much smoother that way.

6. Make parties default to PARTY queue for dungeons, etc. unless someone opts out instead of having to invite people to the queue AND then to the instance. Not only is that non-intuitive that you have to invite people that are already in your party to a "party" for a queue, but it's also annoying when you have people joining your party just before you queue.

7. Give us an option to turn mounts invisible or at least see-through so we can see what's going on around us when on some of the bigger mounts or mounts that block the camera like the "Gas Spore" mount for example.

8. For god's sake give us a "collect all" button for gathering stuff off the ground. With as horrible as the ping is even on broadband where I can get 15ms ping to the west coast yet get between 60 and 150 just standing in protector's enclave, we really need a way to gather things on the ground. Spamming "F" just misses stuff constantly.

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  • wesley#7790 wesley Posts: 1 New User
    edited September 2017

    Eu jogo o game a uns 4 meses e acho o jogo ótimo, gosto muito de jogos "MMO", o game possui diversos detalhes e um nível de perfeição muito bom, acho as "Quests" muito bem elaboradas e bem diretas, não me canso de jogar.

    Iria ser ainda mais magnífico se o game possuir futuramente a tradução para os jogadores do Brasil (Br), a equipe Brasileira iria ficar ainda mais contente.

    Abraços e parabéns a toda a equipe NeverWinter.



    I play the game for about 4 months and I think the game is great, I really like "MMO" games, the game has several details and a very good level of perfection, I find the Quests very well written and very straightforward, I do not get tired to play, play on the Xbox Live platform (Xbox One).

    It would be even more magnificent if the game had the translation for the players of Brazil in the future (language PT-Br), the Brazilian team would be even happier.

    Hugs and congratulations to the entire NeverWinter team.
    Jogando no Xbox One / Playing Xbox One.

    GT: SentaEchora
  • arlin22arlin22 Posts: 1 Arc User
    Heya, I'm @arlin22, a player of Neverwinter. I would very much like to see the game come out with a Monk class :)
  • thor0222thor0222 Posts: 1 New User
    When in a group could you move the reward pop up box from the middle of the screen. Even though it for 6-10 seconds it still blocks ur view when in heated game play.
  • elderofwaukeenelderofwaukeen Posts: 1 Arc User
    Games like "Neverwinter" have loot boxes that drop random items. You can buy keys to unlock them with real money.

    I think they should at least give an indication of the drop odds, i.e. the flying carpet mount, etc.
  • hevochevoc Posts: 1 Arc User
    In the refinement window, make it where if you select all greens to be refined that any artifact has a "are you sure you want to refine &&&&" or type delete. Many people are accidentally refining green artifacts in inventory
  • gadougadou Posts: 1 Arc User
    edited January 2018
    Several suggestions, please improve the speed functionality of the in game browser and other features within. Please move all quest related items to their own seperate window, quest items taking up inventory space is rather annoying and is "cheap" way for Cryptic to make more money for bigger bag space. :s Allow for bigger groups, as 4 group teams is not big enough. The dragons in the stronghold are set way to high in difficulty, half the guild can't take them crazy things down in less than 15 minutes. A 500 member cap for guilds would be awesome, some of us should not be forced into an alliance. And of course, more content, keep it coming, and we keep on playing :) :)
    Brought to you by the Shadow of Legends guild. Where people play and people care. Gamers for life!
    Post edited by gadou on
  • Can the fashion choices for female characters not be so awful. The new Ravenloft fashion looks like a folk dancer, while the guy looks like a noble. And can we bring back the cool fashions you once had? Sometimes a gal gets tired of the boob plate. I really do love playing the game, but the be Ravenloft clothes are not going to be worn. Which is sad because vampires and goth and mad witches and all that potential and you give me a folk dress.
    Could we please have more fashion choices like we used too? Can the store rotate them? Yes I’m clothes whining, I don’t dress that well in real life, but I would like to in the game!
  • regenerderegenerde Posts: 88 Arc User
    better place your thread in there, some Dev might actually read through it and give you a reply...
    I do believe in killing the messenger...
    Want to know why?
    Because it sends a message!
  • bring back adventures of the sword coast as an app game/system allow people to do their companion runs while at work on 15 minute break, and start up profession runs when they got free minute here and there shopping with significant other.
  • regenerderegenerde Posts: 88 Arc User
    edited September 2018

    bring back adventures of the sword coast as an app game/system allow people to do their companion runs while at work on 15 minute break, and start up profession runs when they got free minute here and there shopping with significant other.

    I doubt that "The Gateway", essential what you're asking for, will ever return...
    I do believe in killing the messenger...
    Want to know why?
    Because it sends a message!
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