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ARC update failure

ramjotramjot Posts: 5 Arc User
ARC is failing update and cannot install either.


  • ramjotramjot Posts: 5 Arc User
    OK after system reboot.
  • valonna#3407 valonna Posts: 1 New User
    I've done a system reboot and ARC is still failing update. I CAN'T PLAY!!!!
  • oldtimer#8621 oldtimer Posts: 3 New User
    Not sure if this is the the same or related issue...
    Arc opens but Arc quests will not display just a blank slate with the words:
    An error occurred
    Internal Server Error
    This was intermittent yesterday, but today it is consistantly coming up. Rebooting the system made no difference.

    My intenet connection seems to be working just fine, other pages on the ARC site display without issue but quest are toasted.
  • oldtimer#8621 oldtimer Posts: 3 New User
    It is possible that this is indirectly related to the vulnerablity in hardware that is in the news right now. Not that the vulnerability is under attack, but that nearly every bit to internet connected hardware in my home is simulanteously trying to patch. I just looked at my routers network logs and they are nuts with updates for everything....if this is happening in homes all over I'm not surprised there might be odd messages showing here and there on net connected software.
  • swamarianswamarian Posts: 5 Arc User
    The vulnerability in the news is a read privlidged vulnerability. It doesn't crash anything or do code injection. I'm also getting a "Internal Error" error.
  • oldtimer#8621 oldtimer Posts: 3 New User
    I said INDIRECTLY related...because of the notarity of the vulnerablity, there appeared to be a mad scramble to update nearly everything. Much of this was automatic updates, I know mine were all automated. The resulting bandwith suckhole, both inside and outside my own network, if not responsible, certainly didn't help matters.
    Not that this matters a bit now. This morning everything is back to normal.
  • gyoszos#7000 gyoszos Posts: 1 New User
    edited January 9
    I cant update the game... i just downloaded it right now, with my friend on the same wifi and his was ready in less then 2 hours, but mein is so slow it does not even download anything at all. our wifi is really fast and my computer is also not bad but no matter how often i restart the whole system its still very slow...
  • unicorn92243#3676 unicorn92243 Posts: 3 Arc User
    edited January 12

    Arc Defender won't send me my PIN so I can't log in. I talked to support in chat for like two hours. They gave me the run around, I did everything they said, nothing worked. Then they gave me a ticket and were like have a nice day! Uh, why not say a lot of people are having this same problem and we are working on it? It would've saved a lot of time! I am so annoyed!

    Next time, I'll check the forums first.

  • yoda3160yoda3160 Posts: 2 Arc User
    If you're having trouble getting ARC to update, right click on the shortcut and choose Run as Administrator. It had no problems updating after I did that. Seems something it was trying to patch, required administrative access to change.
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