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Links to Individual Posts Using ARC Overlay Does Not Work

where2r1where2r1 Posts: 31 Arc User
I am trying to collect together links on my blog going to the fanfics written on the STO Forums.

The problem I am having...I need to be able to link directly to individual "comments" inside long threads (like the Literary Challenges).

I can not get this to work when going through the ARC overlay. I can get it to work directly through Vanilla...but then visually, it is all gray.

I can "copy" the URL for the individual post while in ARC (left click on the date of the post, then "copy link address"). But when I use link that was copied: ARC will always redirect to the top of the page because: link does not have the comment ID number it recognizes.

Is ARC using different comment ID numbers from Vanilla? If so, it needs to be changed somewhere when grabbing the link directly off the post.

The format of the URL changes when collecting the URLs, though....so something is set up to recognize the links would be different.
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