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Give Champions Online some attention!

tykunetykune Posts: 3 Arc User
"We deliver the best worldwide gaming experiences." my ass.

Champions Online has been neglected for way too long. If you want to claim that you 'deliver the best worldwide gaming experiences', then perhaps you should start by caring for all of your games instead of the few that you only care about.

Champions Online is one of the games you do not care for, and it shows by the bugs that have existed since beta which have never gotten fixed, whom have been posted on the bug forums for the game for MANY years, yet never fixed. CO has great potential to being a superhero MMO, but you squander it and waste it.. making it feel more like a cash cow only to be used and probably dumped later when it doesn't turn a profit.

I have heard multiple times about how you only have five or so people working on the game at a given time, and that itself is just absolutely appalling.

I am probably not the first person to post about these issues, and I more than likely will not be the last.. so I hope this finds someone in the company who remotely cares for ALL of their games.


  • plagueassassinplagueassassin Posts: 3 New User
    Pls add ranked matchmaking for Gigantic
  • mattachinemattachine Posts: 8 Arc User
    I want to see a Foundry for Champions so we can created our own playable content like they can do in Star Trek Online and Neverwinter Online. Having players creating content for free must be the smartest business idea ever. Too bad that Cryptic doesn't seem to think so, as they don't treat it for the great tool that it is.
  • acaloyteofmarvelacaloyteofmarvel Posts: 2 Arc User
    Here's a suggestion for Champions Online. You have sliders in the character creation for Mouth, face, body, etc.. I have used them to make some pretty impressive characters, but my suggestion is, why not add a hair slider? We have a lot of hair styles to chose from, which is nice, but if we had a hair slider, some characters could have very long hair. (Not that being a superhero requires it, but it's an option that would be nice to be available.)
  • gigabear#4407 gigabear Posts: 4 Arc User
    edited July 2018
    I can speak to the bugs being present for years. In just my short time playing I have seen oh so many.

    Worse, new ones are being created at a faster rate than they seem to be getting fixed.

    I am not going to speculate as to why that is, but I would suggest a full audit of the situation is needed to determine if it is a man power issue, or a competence issue somewhere along the line.

    I understand resources are not unlimited, however the Champs situation seems to be, frankly, an embarrassment to the MMO genre as far as QA goes.

    The game itself has stunning potential even today. Let's hope action is taken to help us reach it.
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