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Ticket Wait Times??

purgwolfpurgwolf Posts: 1 Arc User
So, on Saturday my son was playing Neverwinter. When he went to log into his account on Sunday he received an invalid password/user error. He tried a few more times, then asked me to take a look. I tried a few times, then I tried a password recovery, and we got an invalid user email error. So apparently somehow his email is no longer linked to his account, and he received no email telling him that his email was removed/changed. We sent an email to customerservice@perfectworld.com on Sunday, and we've been waiting. How long is the expected wait time to replies?


  • drogus#9181 drogus Posts: 1 New User
    I'm experiencing the exact same issue. Keep getting "invalid" message on all my Arc games, even though I know the information I entered is accurate. Been waiting 3 days now for a response to my ticket. In the meantime, I have been unable to play any of my games.

    I am giving this issue another 24 hours from now (20:38, May 6, 2017) to be resolved, or I will be uninstalling Arc along with all the games.
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