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fastsofastso Posts: 1 Arc User
hi i have been been playing p w for years,and have spent a great deal on zen,and I get nothing as a thank-you anything,those who spend zen should get a small thank you gift,also I have been asking to make some changes the tide born hair styles suck big time ,we need better choices for newer hair styles,and with these new codes we are getting free gifts,they kinda suck,who uses lvl 1 dream chaser packs nobody,and those stupid mysterious chips are useless, we hardly use them for anything, I also would love for PW to make newer mounts often I do quests in heaven near 1 k, I see mobs called thunder beasts ,I would love to have one for a mount,and where we buy coin and buy mats to make gear please can you change the bound gear crap we should have the option to choose bound or unbound gear.


  • samuelb#6538 samuelb Posts: 1 New User
    i am blue a ba ba bee a ba ba bee ba ba da
  • tarjan357tarjan357 Posts: 1 Arc User
    I believe that each game should have a suggestion box on the alpha test server.
  • plagueassassinplagueassassin Posts: 3 New User
    I think they should add ranked matchmaking
  • tom001974tom001974 Posts: 1 Arc User
    So nice of you to screw over anyone using Windows 7 by not supporting it anymore. Thanks Cryptic I really appreciate that. btw you suck.
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