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Arc Quests: Temporaily Delist Quests for games lacking proper launchers.

dandeloreondandeloreon Posts: 1 Arc User

I know that Arc Quests are generally helpful for getting players to try other games, however I have found that several quests are completely lackluster due to either not having a pre-game launcher to handle updates, or a launcher that is faulty. Usually if a game lacks a launcher it goes into full screen mode, and this means that it can take an extended period of time just to close out of the game should it not be the game I want.

List of Games needing Fixed:
  • Jade Dynasty - No Launcher... This always goes into full screen mode with no option to change it.
  • Forsaken World - No Launcher
  • Elsworld - This has a proper launcher, but the launcher has major flaws... The First Flaw is the launcher lacks configuration, so the game will always launch even if All I was wanting to do was Update the game and check it's news. The Second flaw is that the Exit confirmation screen has unreadable buttons. From what I can figure out on this game, the launcher exit confirmation has the "Yes, Quit" button on the left, and the "Cancel" button on the right.
  • Stronghold Kingdoms - This needs some fixes to the launcher, but it's not bad enough to need any action. All this needs is to be able to close the launcher by clicking the "exit" button when the launcher is asking for the user to create an account.
List of Games showing what a game with a decent launcher:

NOTE: A few good example Launchers can be found below...
  • Champions Online
  • NeverWinter
  • Star Trek Online
  • Battle of the Immortals
  • Blacklight Retribution
NOTE: I probably have missed games that either Need a launcher, or have a launcher that needs to be fixed. If anyone else can think of these, please reply.
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