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One thing I'd like to see done for any Arc game..whether it's on pc or xbox.

kattheredkatthered Posts: 1 Arc User
I think Arc should take a note from a company like SoE/Daybreak Games, and LINK our Zen between games...like Neverwinter and Star Trek Online to name a few. And I mean link them PC to PC, Xbox One to Xbox One. That way we could buy Zen either with cash or each games trade thingy and use it for either game we want. Right now I have 3k zen on Neverwinter but 2k zen on star trek.. both games are made by Arc, both use Zen stores. I think they should absolutely link them via xbox or arc accounts. I know that Daybreak links their in game buyable currency between Everquest 2 and DC Universe Online. Anyone else agree with me?


  • dracoprimusdracoprimus Posts: 5 Arc User
    I'm gonna disagree. While it would be nice to be able to share Zen between games, if they did, once someone found a lucrative farm for dilithium, or Questionite, or Astral Diamonds, it would affect ALL games, not just the one involved. Also, prices for Zen items would then have to be normalized across games. How would you normalize Neverwinter mount prices against STO ship prices against Champions Online vehicle prices?
  • one thing id like to see is better number randomization i have bought some zen for keys gotten vip for last several months and am now done after this month have dropped 20 keys here and there have gotten 1 brillant diamond on all those keys and mayeb 2 epic things not 1 legendary artifact or mount or pet or anything worth my while of dropping 50 dollars to arc and neverwinter so they can kiss my toe im done buying their zen yet i see same people open a box legendary this legendary that even one right after another wth is up with this crap. after this vip no more in september and they can keep their zen ill sell the boxes or give them away if can waste of time i dont expect to win all the time but 1 legendary in 4 months would of been nice.i know others have same issues so post them let them know enough is enough.
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