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New accounts have handles with # and numbers ?

arainmerentisarainmerentis Posts: 1 Arc User
Well this is new to me and not really good news either.

Hi all as my profile shows i have been a member since 2015 ( had older accounts back then Star Trek Online was on its own)
Never really played any other games besides STO but sending mail has normally been easy [email protected] easy :smile:

However I have noticed recently that new players have handles like this Handle#29045 what is up with this ?
Arc can you please remove these stupid numbers from new accounts, there really is no need for it at all.

On a personal note about this, my brother recently got into STO after watching me play and of course joined up...only to have his Handle have the stupid #35234 added on.
Normally I would not care so much (just be pissed every time I see it) but for him its not an easy issue. my brother suffers from neurofibromatosis type 2 or NF2, and it is because of this that my brother suffers from memory problems among other things.
It may seam silly to people who don't know anyone who suffers with it but for him having the #32345 added onto his handle on the forum and in games makes it hard to impossible for him to remember. I have even written it down for him but even then its a struggle for him to remember it when adding friends and such.

Normal words and names he can remember fine if given enough time but when it comes to foreign languages or adding letters / numbers to names or words he find extremely hard to remember or recall when asked.

Please can you remove the stupid #43545 from new members handles or at least for people like my brother who do have problems with memory.
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