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Preemptive Strike

I don't know if you guys think of this, but I will let you think about.
Preemptive Strike is a skill what works only if the specific card with that skill is in hand.
I will suggest you guys add a check box in the deck building area saying keep in hand for this skill.
Deamon's Heart is a very good card with 99 wait time but after that it will be useless.
The Flying Dutchman is another good reanimation with 6 wait time but after that it will be useless to.
Is annoying to push pass when I try to do manual fights and to wait 1 hour for the battle to end this is around 250 rounds,
when I can check that check box arrange my deck and do auto fight with the same results what is gonna take only 5 - 10 seconds.
All you guys have to do, is to create a function saying if the check box is checked keep in hand.
I think this will bring much more stability in deck building and a better score for all events.

Thank you! and please let me know what you think of this
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