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in game coin pwi

serenaotmserenaotm Posts: 2 Arc User
we need more money making options with items loosing value in the game and coin drops in dundgens being rare how are we to make money in the game the dq items are only 1 coin wen they used to be 1k each at least and the potions used to be 100 coin to sell and now they are 0 coin bring the coin value back to dq drops and potions and dungens plez


  • joeciscojoecisco Posts: 3 Arc User
    Those were nerfed on purpose because of the botting in China. (If you weren't aware, PWI is made in China.)
    They will not bring back the value of those items. Besides, we need more coin sinks to fix the economy, not more ways to get it easy from the game itself.

    You can still make decent coin farming TT/Warsong/Lunar/NW/mats and merchanting.​​
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