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5* card salvage

mellowk1mellowk1 Posts: 1 Arc User
I'm sure alot of your player that have stuck with the game for over a year have thousands of spare 5* cards laying around. Could you guys create a sort of salvage or disenchanted 5* cards. For random fragments Or materials (common/rare/epic) to craft A or S tier cards.

It would be great to see if you guys can create something interesting for these old 5* cards that are now redundant. It could also help out new players that have missed previous events or f2p players gradually receive top tier cards by salvaging those useless fire kirins/dire snapping turtles/Azulas.

I've been playing this game almost or over 2 years now. And I've come to get bored of the same rinse and repeat events. And saving gems for weeks to have a chance at getting 1 decent card from an even or warlord pack.

It's great you guys have updated the cards you receive from fire tokens and gem packs. But we have a years worth of cards. Not including the intense bulk amount of uncrafted cards.

I feel like introducing a feature like this would attract more new players ( they will feel like they have a chance to catch up to the veterans) and keep the old ones playing. ( more play value to the game. New feature making the game refreshing. No more hoarding 1000 fire kirins)
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