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request for new game, a Stargate game

admiral0foolishadmiral0foolish Posts: 6 Arc User
edited January 2016 in Suggestions
a stargate game that includes things from all stargate things, SG-01 SGA and SGU... and based on how great star trek is if you do decide to make a stargate game i would love it more than anything else :) cause stargate is great, for shuttles/fighters could have 302s, jumpers, wraith darts, ori fighters, death gliders... (i think that was there name...) and for ships cold have 303 (like prometheus) as a start ship for earth people a wraith cruiser for wraith, a Aurora for ancients or seed ship for exporation and placing gates on planets, either would work and al'kesh for goa'uld so they start with a ship that has weapons but not too many
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  • sylenthundersylenthunder Posts: 256 Community Moderator
    PWE is a publisher. For the most part, they don't develop the games. It is a very interesting idea though, and sounds like it would make a great MMO.​​
  • swampmonkey60swampmonkey60 Posts: 1 New User
    uhh ?
  • admiral0foolishadmiral0foolish Posts: 6 Arc User
    they could have someone make it for them :o and a game like this would be the kind to make a Ferengie very happy ;) cause they love there profit :)
  • geezerpunkgeezerpunk Posts: 2 Arc User
    edited March 2016
    Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment was working on one before they went into recievership. It was Primaraly SG1 based, but is now listed as cancelled. But as I understand these things, right now, they still have the rights to the Intelectual propery to the SG1 and the concept (and name) of the the Stargate. At least until the contract expires, or MGM revokes the contract.
  • admiral0foolishadmiral0foolish Posts: 6 Arc User
    then start with atlantis, that was taken to earth and does not have to be sg1, ZPMs allow for inter-galactic travel so can use planets not in the milkyway or could just use ships to avoid stargate travel such as the ship classes i originally listed
  • Definitely would be good, I'm a huge lover of Stargate but I don't think it will happen anytime soon.
  • admiral0foolishadmiral0foolish Posts: 6 Arc User
    there is always hope... nothing is impossible :) and if enough people want it then they may go for it... even if just for profit
  • SG was awesome :#
  • admiral0foolishadmiral0foolish Posts: 6 Arc User
    "was"? make that is ;) stargate was always great, and always will be
  • rapha22#0665 rapha22 Posts: 2 New User
    Always the best will be only real time strategy for busy people like me :blush:
  • I agree... Have you played LOTR strategy? That's a giving. You'll get a kick out of it!
  • meddlefxmeddlefx Posts: 2 Arc User
    It's a shame so much work was put into the Stargate MMO that was cancelled. It looked fun at the time... but now it would look so dated that nobody would bother with it.
  • admiral0foolishadmiral0foolish Posts: 6 Arc User
    never say nobody would, i always would
    stargate is my fav sci-fi thing and always will be, so as long as it looks like stargate, it'll do
  • stupidconversionstupidconversion Posts: 3 Arc User
    I would hold onto that flame until (hopefully) someone continues/reboots the series (people keep talking about it).

    Right now it's a licensing nightmare but when they start publicizing a new series there would likely be more interest.
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  • kdohekdohe Posts: 1 New User
    On that note, here's something actually up your alley. There's a game called Fallen Earth, rather old by gaming standards. It seems to me the concept was ahead of its time and it didn't do well. The whole post apocalypse, survival of the fittest concepts seem more popular today than 2007 (I believe) when the game released. I'd love to see company like Arc buy this old classic and restore it. I think it would go over well.
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