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Flamereaper bug card

valhyrievalhyrie Posts: 1 Arc User
I noticed and send email about that card a long time ago without you fix it at all.

1) First bug

The first skill of this card activates twice before the card dies.
First time when it goes to 1hp and becomes immune to everything. And second time when it dies in next round. So basically it uses his first skill killing everything that touches TWICE!!! Before it goes to cemetery.

2) Second bug

Now, lets go futher. When he dies and ressurects itself he uses again TWICE its first skill, again by killing everything it touches.
Devs said that it cant use his first skill more than 2 deaths.
Well guess what? It can use it as long as the battle goes. They didnt fix anything.
The broken card uses twice his first skill before death and as many times as it wants till the battle end.

Change it skills. Or remove it from game if you cant fix it!
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