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problem of achievement point and gems

alastorstrifealastorstrife Posts: 2 Arc User
Hello dear EK,
I already have two problems,
I can't receive m'y achievements points for two weeks : hère is the message : operation faile. Please try again later.
Second, I bought two booster pack on Friday but I didn't receive 300 gems.
Thanks for your time spend to resolve my problem !


  • Dear Sirs,
    i have the same problem. Cant claim the achievements rewards. I have send more as 10 emails to the support... no answer. My next problem i have claim my nehwby gift... armored sumatra... is not arrived... please check it...
    In the meantime im really angry... i cant get gold and gems... cant lvl up correct... miss kw ... miss rewards... i hope you have a good compensation...
    I feel very bad about the no response from your support. In the game magic realms... small brother from ek... the support answer in 6 hours max.
    Best regards... [Wolf] Lucy
  • alastorstrifealastorstrife Posts: 2 Arc User
    Dear EK,

    Could you answer us to resolve our problems to please?

    Best regards
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