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Cobweb Cave

mecatrocuevamecatrocueva Posts: 2 Arc User
edited October 2015 in General Discussion
photo cobwebmap_zpsthaaa10e.jpg

Its a part of the lioncam/leandris map that was never implemented, but we can still explore it. If you die on this area and press back to town button, you will just respawn on the same spot where you died, pretty much like xanada or EC when they are over. Special thanks to Dolorus and Alvaniz for their exploring spirit.

Here we got some scrennies we just made.

Inside the main hall

photo 2015-10-18 11-32-23_zpsfyz71dht.jpg

photo 2015-10-18 11-30-54_zpsjqlhd6s1.jpg

Dolo on a bridge

photo 2015-10-18 11-38-26_zpswb8pk8rl.jpg

Ugly bats everywhere
photo 2015-10-18 11-36-28_zpsakbbnah1.jpg
photo 2015-10-18 11-37-51_zpsrgoijgwo.jpg

Kisses photo 2015-10-18 11-36-05_zpsjync3dyz.jpg
photo 2015-10-18 11-35-30_zps6qrnhhrz.jpg

photo 2015-10-18 11-33-01_zpslp0txqiv.jpg

photo 2015-10-18 11-35-10_zpscpti2bql.jpg

An "accident"
photo 2015-10-18 11-49-18_zpsgiku9wmo.jpg

photo 2015-10-18 11-42-22_zpsdsrljhcw.jpg


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