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marqueskikomarqueskiko Posts: 25 Arc User
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Hi guys im Drenan from AR and from FP, as u know eso is coming to an end but we can delay that!
I played p.servers and official, so i might say i love this agmne and don't want it to die. My friend's at Ether Saga World War, is making the same files as the officizl to a new server, with as the same rates, u can have the same char (only 3 chars right now, and 1 account) and the most juicy of all U CAN MERGE THEM!!! Yes if u have 2 chars on FP and 1 on Ar u can merge them in one account, and play the "new server"( or the opposite). I know someone might say "but it's fake eso cuz it's a private server"...humm not really, i mean ofc it's a private server butit will be the same rates as official and u will be able to have the same chars ( not work wasted on those chars, am i right?)Well will provide you the info if u wnat to read it from yourself.

p.s.:They have other server with custom stuff but u will be lvl 1 (like a fresh start)

p.s (2):Sorry if im making publicity to a "p.server" but i just don't want to everyone quit on ESo, or that the time wasted on the chars will be simpely "vanished", pls people DON'T LET ESO DIE.

Best regards,

p.s (3):If anyone need's something my skype is rakeph, or on Francisco Marques on Facebook ( u may see my name on some post's on Ether Saga World War facebook).
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