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Disenchanted by Game

midknight3376midknight3376 Posts: 2 Arc User
I am highly upset that I see the same thing over and over again and nothing gets done except the complaining person getting punished. What I see is gamers that hack the game to make some benificial alteration to their character (usually something that prevents them from dieing)and they're allowed to continue playing becuase the individual that lodges the complaint is somehow an inferior player. I emptied a clip into a player of the opposite faction while gaming and the guy took every shot point blank in the chest and continued walking while I got killed frome two burst of shots. Hmmmmm, lets see he took 30 rounds in the chest and only had to shoot me twice?? some how he's either hiding a big red S under that shirt or he's hacked the game to make his character invulnerable. If the devs and monitors want to rebalance anything they should take a close look at the accounts first and rebalance a few characters.


  • bejaymacbejaymac Posts: 17 Arc User
    You actually sound surprised, APB has been getting hacked almost since day one, and the devs are either powerless to stop it or just don't care.​​
  • age03age03 Posts: 15 Arc User
    I have experienced this to and I fired first.
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  • iljamae#5438 iljamae Posts: 1 New User
    It's very likely that the game have been hacked, or you were just lagging out, it happened every once in a while so don't always assume that the game is hacked
  • torahzahtorahzah Posts: 4 New User
    Yep...shot a guy almost point blank in the chest while I was hiding in a dumpster and he just ran away. Then I found a nice spot up on the roof and sniped him from there, multiple shots to the head and and he just kept right about unloading his loot to the fence. I only tried this because he ran me over with a van and stole my money before I could launder it. Threw grenades at him nothing. Unless you have under a 5 notoriety make you PVP invulnerable, this guy was somehow cheating.
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