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Trivia Friday Feedback

ladycraneladycrane Posts: 105 Community Moderator
edited October 2015 in General Discussion
We have had a few of these events now. I'm opening up to suggestions for rewards for future Trivia Fridays.

Lightbenders and Astral Charts are the only rewards on the Official "ok" list. Offer up some suggestions for alternatives that you would like to see, and I will forward the list on to the "powers that be".

Something that I recently thought of was the prize box that we used to be able to get daily from the old Core system. Was it a Lunar Box? Would that be good, if its possible?

To FP players: The event has been a failure for your server. I run the event as soon as I get home from work (630pm servertime), so I cannot do it any earlier. Would a later time be better?


  • xzyzekxzyzek Posts: 27 Arc User
    edited October 2015
    Well I'm asleep during this event, but in my opinion, Lunar box would be a nice reward. There is no way to get +10 SoP or D.S Pet Pendant anymore (except from other players, if they still have any of those).

    Not to sound picky, but would be better if it could be x5 boxes as reward instead. I mean, it is super great we get events and stuff, but x1 is kinda... meh...

    Same goes for Lightbenders...

    This game is rather luck based, take as example etching gear.
    photo Namnloumls_zpsnuikfobe.png

    No one wants to gamble with their gear and therefore put in x5 lbs to be 100% sure the gear won't break. Etching is pure luck. It is possible to get flawless etch on the first try, but that is very rare. In fact I would still count it as luck if you "only" needed 30-40 lbs. Most of the gears I've etched, ate 60-70 lbs. Once I even needed +100 lbs to make one piece flawless.

    Add to that, these days we have both NPC in dungeon and weekly event, which give us 100% imbue rate to +6. That is why making Stone of Peace, higher than +5 today, is not really worth it. Everyone uses lbs to try +7, +8, +9 and even +10 since we can't get +10 SoP or Super lbs anymore. And since lbs only give 5% higher chance of success, people need lots of them.

    I did most of my stuff when the game was still alive, when you still could buy lbs from other players or ebucks in broker. These days it must be very difficult...

    x5 lbs instead would be way better. If the player decides to sell or keep the lbs doesn't really matter.

    1) Won't make you sickeningly rich in any way to sell x5 lbs.
    2) The price in game on lbs would not drop, because there is no lbs for sale anyway.
    3) x5 lbs won't make you OP or give any huge advantage in game.

    So I don't really see any reason to not give us x5 lbs instead, it will only motivate people more.
  • lordaluc4rdlordaluc4rd Posts: 1 Arc User
    *Well im ok with LB (Award) but i think would be more usefull normal ones, high lvl ppl needs them for etch gears and you can't do with awards. also astral charts is good idea
    * I think you could alternate between them, i mean one week normal lb rewards, next week astral charts rewards then lb again and keep going
  • nikolina21nikolina21 Posts: 62 Arc User
    No point in events if game will be closed.
  • daniel86xdaniel86x Posts: 8 Arc User
    edited October 2015
    give to all sop +10 ..game will be soon closed... that will be nice present from game to us :D
  • nikolina21nikolina21 Posts: 62 Arc User
    Just give us lots of free stuff, ebs too of course xD just to have last fun in it
  • xzyzekxzyzek Posts: 27 Arc User
    Indeed, should let us have fun the last time we have left with ESO! Make everything in cash shop free or something, not like you have anything to lose... To quote the shut down announcement:

    "The developers are no longer supporting ESO, and we are unable to deliver a quality experience to you, our players, so we have made the difficult decision to shut the game down."

    No longer deliver a quality experience? Seriously, been like that such a loooong time. The last two years, this company have not spent much effort on this game. None at all the last year. Should at least make it up to us and give us some fun now at the end...
  • nikolina21nikolina21 Posts: 62 Arc User
    They don't give a damn what we think as long as they earned enough money. Kinda selfish.
  • ladycraneladycrane Posts: 105 Community Moderator
    Ho w about we schedule a server screenshot time. We can send out some transform card to everyone to attend with? Suggestion on card?
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