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「Hello, I'm new to ESO what do I do」 by Jeesby - To be continued, got to sleep :P

jeesbyjeesby Posts: 22 Arc User
Hello and Welcome to you !!!

If you are reading this, then you are probably a new player wondering what this game is about and how to get started.

This game is based on the Chinese tail "A Journey to the East" which is as famous or maybe even more than the tails of the 3 kingdoms.

Summary :

1 - Explanation of classes and homes.

2 - Explanation of Attribute Points and Affinity Points.

3 - Gaining level's, Reaching level 90.

4 - Getting Stronger !

5 - Making Money !!! Nyahahahaha !!!

Before setting off on your adventure, you have the choice between 8 classes, from 4 different homes. Let's take a look at them :

Dragoon - (Ren) - (Terra Spells) - A Dragoon is basically known as a "Tank". In case you are wondering, a tank is a player who directs the attacks and attention of his enemies towards himself in order to protect other players. He focuses on defense and damage reduction skills. Absolutely brilliant for taking down bosses !

Ranger - (Ren) - (Flora and Aquan Spells) - The Ranger is specialized in long range attacks, he is without question the best at farming. He has powerful curses to help him in his dangerous quests !

Conjurer - (Shenzu) - (Aquan and Pyros Spells) - The Conjurer is specialized in long ranged and damage dealing spells. With the help of freezing spells, he is one thought opponent to beat !

Mystic - (Shenzu) - (Aqaun Spells) - The Mystic is your typical healer, not to be under estimated as a character that is only there to help others, he is also able to learn powerful curses, he may not be as skilled as a conjurer in regular farming operations but he sure has no problems in defeating a Conjurer face on !

Rogue - (Yaoh) - (Ferus Spells) - The Rogue is specialized in camouflage and powerful attacks. He is your typical assassin. He is not to be under estimated, he possesses many of the best damage dealing skills Ether Saga has to offer you !

Shaman - (Yaoh) - (Flora Spells) - The Shaman specializes in supporting the other players. From powerful healing to excellent offensive or defensive buffs. He also has an excellent defense and can also become Invincible !

Hellion - (Mogui) - (Pyros Skills) - How can you not want to be a Hellion and wield 2 axes ? As opposed to the other 7 classes, the Hellion specializes on physical attacks rather than on magical attacks. He also uses what is known as rage as opposed to mana. He specializes in 1 on 1 combat !

Maven - (Mogui) - (Flora and Pyros Skills) - The Magus focuses on manipulation, with it's powerful blessings and curses, one's fate is in your hands ! Skilled damage dealer and farmer, this character is fairly well balanced and good at many things !

The 4 homes are :

Fort Phoenix - Ren

Eloquence Peak - Shenzu

Ancestral Ruins - Yaoh

Zappah Altar - Mogui

Why do the homes matter ? Well they do not affect an awful much. First of all they affect your looks, you won't have the same hairstyle and "ears" available depending on the home. Secondly they affect your nascent skills, you will not get the same skills for the same date if your a Ren rather than a Shenzu.


  • jeesbyjeesby Posts: 22 Arc User
    Whoups, terribly sorry, just realized it was a repeat of a deja vue topic. I'll do my best to make it different and deal with it tomorrow.

    Nighty Night
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