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Keep censoring

jonesrjonesr Posts: 31 Arc User
My, isn't pwi sensitive? Deleting my posts just for their own stupidity. Delete me, I will only write more.


  • sylenthundersylenthunder Posts: 256 Community Moderator
    edited August 2015
    If you want to post a discussion that does not violate the forum rules, that's fine.

    Break said rules, and your threads will be removed. Continue doing so and your account may get banned. I gave you fair warning the first time.

    Edit: I do understand that you're frustrated. Judging from what you posted, and doing some research on my own, they likely have a very valid case. From this point, if you want to keep contesting it, your best bet is the BBB.
    You need to catch up on the ToS though. They can basically delete your account, and they neither owe you anything, nor can you really do jack about it. You signed that you agreed to that when you created your accounts.
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  • jonesrjonesr Posts: 31 Arc User
    edited August 2015
    They ban based on an assumption, and a WRONG one at that. Yes, they make it perfectly clear that they own everything and I have NO rights. But isn't concrete evidence essential before putting a ban on someone who is not even tied to the accusations?
  • jonesrjonesr Posts: 31 Arc User
    Also, how messed up is it that I came to you with issues of harassment 3 months ago yet you cannot do anything because "PWI doesn't own that site"? Yet you use some rip off skype account and a website I NEVER posted to as "evidence"? Pretty sure you do not own those either. I got banned for deleting my friend list and saying, "It was nothing personal, I deleted everyone when I thought "it" would sell." You do not know what "it" means and if you had bothered to ask, I would have told you. "IT" was my laptop. And as expressed earlier, I had good reasons for deleting that, anyway.
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