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Cryptic Login Issues 7/31



  • thefreeshipthefreeship Posts: 1 Arc User
    Hi, I can definitely login in this Forum, so my password is correct, as of Arc too.
    But I cannot login in the Star Trek Online game.
    The Perfect World show up, but before it was just starting the game, now it ask for my password... tried it 5 times and still not working.
  • dt5567#0839 dt5567 Posts: 1 New User
    We seem to have a problem, Once logged in and game play is underway all of a sudden out of the blue we are disconnected from server and struggle to log back in, I thought it was just me but my friends have the same problem, We know its not xbox or xbox live as we stay in party chat with no errors and can play other games, This only happens with Neverwinter... Its becoming a pain as the interuption we suffer seems to be in the middle of what we are doing... the message says please try again later... Not acceptable as this has been going on for a few weeks now...
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