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Future of ESO

marqueskikomarqueskiko Posts: 25 Arc User
edited August 2015 in General Discussion
Well, i've been playing on AR ( my new server ) for over a day, and i see people on WC, Poor Chat ( The purple chat ), my allie chat, people vending on Trading Realm, so to continue like that i've sended an email to PWE, saying that, and wanted to see what were there answer's.


Here is the picture of their response, and on the below my email to them! As they said, if you have any concernes, or recomendations they said to post them in a new thread or disscusion, whatever, and that someone of their staff would look at it.

So guys, hope u doing great, and continuing to have some fun !
Sorry about my english xD

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  • jeesbyjeesby Posts: 22 Arc User
    I agree the reply sucks ! At least we have our new GM now and I hope we can show some improvement in the coming months !
  • marqueskikomarqueskiko Posts: 25 Arc User
    Well i quitted the game, but yea hope this game still get some future!

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