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Beginner's FAQ

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Andracil (old ESO Mod)
Table of Contents

Character and Pet related
-How do I train?
-How do I fly/How do I get a cloud?
-What pet should I get?
-Why can't I catch this monster?

Skill related
-How do Nascent skills work?
-How do Vocation skills work?
-Where do I get Ethyr skills?

Quest related
-Where do I find <quest location here>?
-Why don't my kills add up?
-How do the Event quests work?
-How do Puzzle quests work?
-I killed Baahu Mageban but his kill didn't count, why?
-How do I defeat instance bosses?
-All my quests disappeared when I logged in!

Item related
-How do I get rid of bound items?
-How does the possessor work/How do I obtain a possessor?
-How does gear glow?
-How do I transfer items between characters?
-Where do I get transformation cards?
-Where do I get <diplomatic item>?
-What do the Dust Scrolls do?

Money, trading and the Heaven Repository
-How do I make money?
-How does Treasure work?
-Where can I get Red-Banded Yarn and Sorrow Wood?
-How does the Pokari Broker work?

Class related
-Which class should I choose?
-Which affinities should I train?

-How does PK/PvP work?
-How do I get <title>?
-How do I make a screenshot/Where are my screenshots saved?



How do I train?
-Unlike most other MMO's, Ether Saga's training system is quest-based. This means you should never kill a monster unless you have a quest for it. Always do all useful quests for your lvl. A useful quest is usually indicated by the reward, if it says you'll get exp (or treasure), it's a worthwhile quest. Note that Bulletin Board quests are last resorts, they give less exp than most other quests, but they're infinitely repeatable. Do those when you've run out of other quests to do. Also, you may want to prioritize Training quests, which have great rewards overall.

How do I fly/How do I get a cloud?
-The Cloud is a quest reward from a lvl 12ish Training quest, so keep doing those and you'll get it. The cloud itself is a simple item: Use it as you would any other, and use Spacebar and Z to ascend/descend.

What pet should I get?
-This is mostly a personal choice. You'll likely want a rank 130+ pet with good fusion stats (unless you want a healer). You're better off asking around on forums or ingame on what pet to pick though.

Why can't I catch this monster?
-Your lvl is likely too low. Press L->Transformations->Card List to see a list of the monsters. If you hover over the image, you'll see the lvl needed to catch it. Also note that you may still fail, pet catching isn't 100%.


How do Nascent skills work?
-When making a character, you also have to choose a birthday. That birthday decides three of your skills, which you'll get at lvl 10, 30, and 50. To see the skills and decide your birthday, check The ESO Wiki

How do Vocation skills work?
-You can learn Gathering Skills from the Woodsman and Crafting Skills from the Craftsman. Both are in Pokari. You can only learn two skills, so pick the right ones. The best choice is likely your gear crafting skill: Skinning/Arcanecraft for Conjurers and Mystics, Mining/Guardiancraft for Dragoons and Shamans, and Woodcutting/Scoutcraft for Rangers and Rogues. To make things, you'll have to buy or obtain the recipe for it. Most recipes can be bought at the Craftsman, or dropped in instances. You can buy gathering tools at the Woodsman, and Crafting items at the Tool Merchant. The rest is self-explanatory.

Where do I get ethyr skills?
-There are two ways to get Ethyr skills:
*Instance drops:For Example: The first class AOE Ethyr drops in the first/second instance as a recipe. Other Ethyrs can drop in the other instances (not class-specific).
*Quests:Certain Ethyrs are rewards from quests.
Note that the Ethyr quests do NOT necessarily give Ethyr skills as rewards. They're just poorly named quests. If you're curious where to find a certain Ethyr, press K->Ethyr List and hover over the skill.



Where do I find <quest location here>?
-Usually, your quest log will have some green text in it. If you click on that green text, you'll start running (or flying) to that point automatically.

Why don't my kills add up?
-You likely have another quest for the same monster. In this game, quest kill-counts don't stack (or shouldn't, at least), meaning that if you have two quests asking for 30 Jaqisac Arsons, you'll have to kill 60 of them. This is because you'd level way too fast otherwise, by simply grabbing 10 quests for the same monster off the bulletin board, then killing very few of them to gain mass exp.

How do the Event quests work?
---Needs Updated---

How do Puzzle quests work?
-These quests are entirely optional and should never be started unless you have the complete puzzle ready to be delivered. To get puzzle pieces, do Bulletin board quests, you'll randomly get a piece after finishing those.

I killed Baahu Mageban but his kill didn't count, why?
-You're killing the wrong one. There are two Baahu's, one inside the Crypt of Hunters reachable by talking to Chauncy, and one on the overworld Crypt of Hunters west of Pokari. Kill the one you haven't killed yet.

How do I defeat instance bosses?
-They seem tough at first, but you should be fine with a good squad of a tanker (high HP is more important than defense, make sure the tank is fused with a high HP pet) with Pokari Wine or Etherhop Brew, 1-2 Mystics, and some damage dealers. That's the general setup.



How do I get rid of bound items?
-For gear, socket it until it breaks or absorb it into a soulstone. If you don't want to do that, or the item isn't gear, use the Master of Coalescence in Pokari (East Market). Note that this will take 7 days to destroy the item.

How does the possessor work/How do I obtain a possessor?
-The possessor is first obtained from a lvl 20ish training quest, so just keep doing those quests to get it. After obtaining your first possessor, you can get another one by doing the Tusko Rampager puzzle quest. Note that possessors have a time limit.
As for Jadeons, you can get one of those from Wehn every day. They only last 3 hours.

How does gear glow?
-You can get green-glowing armor from instances. Boots and Tops usually glow right away when dropped, but you'll only get recipes for the glowing headgear, so you'll have to make those yourself.
You can also make armor and weapons glow by imbuing/embedding them, but I'm afraid I don't know the exact formula for that. It seems to depend on the level of the equipment and some other factors. I've even seen weapons that start glowing after upgrading them twice (spirit upgrade through levelling).

How do I transfer items between characters?
-There are three ways to do this:
*Use the mail function at a postbox, this costs 5 silver per stack of items though.
*Have a trustworthy friend transfer them.
*Drop the items in a remote location, then relog to the other character to pick them back up.
Note that Perfect world Entertainment can not be held responsible for any lost items.

Where do I get transformation cards?
-You get a few cards from quests, but most of them are rare monster drops. Just hope you get lucky.

What do the Dust Scrolls do?
-They add set bonuses to your gear. For example, it may add a bonus to your top if you wear the indicated headgear.



How do I make money?
-The best ways to make money are:
*The lvl 20+ romance quest: It's a daily quest started at the Eldest Matchmaker in Pokari. It gives a nice amount of money.
*Killing elite monsters: Sometimes, you'll see a rare, named monster walking around. Kill it for a good amount of money and some Diplomatic items you can sell or keep.
*Selling stuff: Obvious.

How does Treasure work?
-Treasure is a special currency you get from quests. You can use it to Embed/Imbue gear, buy Potions, and buy Pet food. If I missed anything, please let me know. Try to always use treasure before money unless you're really rich, because money is a lot harder to come by.

Where can I get Red-Banded Yarn and Sorrow Wood?
-Those are cash shop items. Press J ingame to open the cash shop. You'll need to charge Zen at https://billing.arcgames.com/en/ , which means spending real money. However, you can also buy the items from other players, or the cash shop currency at the Pokari Broker.

How does the Pokari Broker work?
-Check here: ---Needs Updated---



Which class should I choose?
-Pick whatever suits you best. The opinions of other people are not your opinion. We can't help you decide what class to choose, that's your choice alone.
For a quick summary of the classes, check The ESO Wiki

What affinities should I train?
-Usually, your class indicates what affinities you should learn. Check your skills. If the majority says "Pyra element" for example, you're likely best off adding Pyra.



How does PK/PvP work?
-You can challenge anyone anywhere to a duel by rightclicking their avatar and selecting duel. As for PK, you're forced into a permanent state of open PK at lvl 45 on pvp Realms. This means anyone can attack you, and you can attack anyone, if they're lvl 45+ as well. However, there are severe consequences to random PK'ing - you'll lose a lot of items if you die after killing other people, so don't be afraid you'll get killed all the time.

How do I make a screenshot/Where are my screenshots saved?
-You can make a screenshot by pressing the Print Screen button. To make better screenshots, press F9 and use that tool. Screenshots are saved in C://Program files/Perfect world Entertainment/Ether Saga online/element/screenshots by default.

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