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Tang Supplies Warehouse (Sunday dungeon guide)

xzyzekxzyzek Posts: 27 Arc User
edited September 2015 in Knowledge Repository
Seems like we won't get our old posts and guides back, so I decided to write one.
Since this dungeon is rather important when you're getting higher level, I felt like this could be good to know. A simple guide about how you enter the dungeon and what you need.

What is this "Sunday dungeon"?

In fact it's called Tang Supplies Warehouse, but everyone call it Sunday dungeon. This because it's only open every Sunday between 3PM and 12AM (server time). The NPC which you talk to is called Post Station Officer and can be found at Apothecary Temple, south of Pokari. Note, you don't need to do the dungeon same day as you take the quest. Can actually just take the quest and do the dungeon few days later if you don't have the time.

Which level should I be?

At level 90 you can enter it (I think, someone correct me there if I'm wrong), but either way I would however recommend you to be level 100 with complete level 100 gear. The monsters doesn't really hit hard, but they have a decent amount of health and you only have 30 min to finish it.

What do I get from it?

You can get things like EXP, spirit, gold and items from killing the monsters in it. If you kill all monsters within the set time, you get 500000 spirit, 1000 Realm points and 600 Magic stones.

What can I do with Realm points and Magic stones?

Realm points can be used to trade for level 115 Genesis gear (the best gear at that level), Superb jades which you can embed to your gear and Awaken Essence (needed to upgrade to 130 and higher level gear). Don't worry if you're below level 115, can still exchange realm points for gear. The gear won't be bound to your char until you equip it. Awaken Essence will however be bound to your character.

Magic stones can be traded for a huge amount of EXP, from General Zurin at Solar Temple. Each time you take the quest, he will ask for 100 Magic stones. If you plan on use them all at the same time, keep in mind it will take a few seconds until you can take the quest again. Magic stones are not bound, if you play on AR server they can be sold 2-2.5g each to other players (at this moment).

The Realm Point Agent can be found in the West Market, Pokari.

Note: You can have max 2000 realm points at the same time.

So what do I need to enter it?

Something called Protector Certificate. You can either buy it from other players or follow the steps below to get one on your own.

How to get a Protector Certificate

1) Every day you will automatically get a quest from General Uree called "Event Started". Talk to him and accept the quest he have for you.

2) Now you have to kill at least 1000 monsters your level (white name or red name monsters). Each kill will give you one Supplies Coupon.

3) You can trade Supplies Coupon at Trader Larz, he will give you something called Tang Supplies.

4) Tang Supplies allows you to do another quest from General Uree, Supplies Escort, which you can do 10 times a day. The Supplies Escort quest will make you talk to four different NPC's. The last one will give you a Protector Certificate and EXP as reward.

Another use for Protector Certificate

You could also use the Protector Certificate at General Zurin, called Military Exploit. You can get either EXP or random items from it.

Event in pictures


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  • ladycraneladycrane Posts: 105 Community Moderator
    edited July 2015
    Good. Thank you for that!

    We have gotten our hands on some of the guides. I am awaiting to see if they will give us some sort of "Knowledge Base" sub-forum to make the migration too. (this is all unofficial of course, I do not work for PWE). This is a round-a-bout way to get the guides, and I'm not certain if pics and links will come across.

    Also, most of the ESO guides are so outdated that they are no longer relevant. So, I would suggest to keep reworking new ones. I will post more info when I find out if we can get another subforum or not.

    +kudos to you.
  • xzyzekxzyzek Posts: 27 Arc User
    Would be awesome with a subforum like that. (:

    Yeah, saw ESO Wiki had old names like Unda, Erda etc. etc. in some places. And many other old stuff which no longer should be there haha...
  • wamelonwamelon Posts: 28 Perfect World Employee
    Your Nether Lutist Card reward for this guide has been sent, please check your in-game mail. Thanks for participating in the Knowledge Repository event!
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