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rhixenrhixen Posts: 3 Arc User
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Okay I have been playing and muddling through, making some very expensive mistakes and cursing the day they decided to wipe the old forums. As for bringing them here, I will believe it when I see it. I ask myself daily why I keep playing - I guess the answer is simple - its a great game. What is missing are some good guides. I have tried asking in game, but most people, if they ever respond, are very brief, and I crave more information. I dont like to hassle people in game. So here is my request list.

How do you meld the pets to max using the new pets - the lotus seeds and wights, pandas and redridges. A simple guide would be great. A more in depth guide on how to transfer stats from one to the other (is it even possible) and what charms to use and and.........more information please!! What about trying to force mutations? I have a vague memory of being able to do that.....but my memory is not what it used to be.

Where do the yellow eggs drop? The ones that give seeds and wights?

How do you make equips, once you get to 75? What levels do you need new gears? 90, 100, 115 and.......?? Or is that incorrect. Where do the new ones drop? (wasnt there a database of drops somewhere?) What do you need to imbue/embed at the various levels, and where do those drop?

Which equips/drops are better? What does one need to keep in mind when choosing gear? I saw someone ask for some DL gear at lvl 115, and they were asked why not Genesis gear. So......please explain. And what IS dl gear and genesis gear.....

What should I be using for gears? My plan is to get one of each character, so this question is more extensive than it seems. Do I get def/res gear for my ranger and health for my conj? Or the other way around? what stats should I be looking for to augment all my characters.

Which class advancements are most useful for PVE. What setup is required to be able to effectively farm - both items and money. I know MM is the best money farmer - which classes are better for item farming. See previous question about where do things drop? Who drops what?

What are good areas for leveling throughout? I have a few characters that are 101 and 102 and 103.....DL is getting old. Where do I go from here?

Where is the best places to farm spirit? How do you get there? What do you need to get in?

If someone has working links to information that answers any of these, even partially, I would be most grateful. Alternatively, Arc could just release the old forum, even just make it read-only. :'(

I shall stop now, even though I am just getting warmed up. I have a zillion questions, and nobody to ask.

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  • nikolina21nikolina21 Posts: 62 Arc User
    Sadly i don't know much about pets. But i know things about gears, when you're lvl 60 you can do class change and when you finish it you get 75 gear which someone rarely imbue these days (with destiny ethrelics) cause you shouls better keep gold for lvl 100 gears. It's easy to lvl to 100 now.

    DL gear you imbue with ethrelic of dragon blood and reroll it with jade of dragon to get better stats. Each reroll costs 100g.

    Genesis or dl 115 gear? I don't know the difference much except that for dl gear you need talisman I, II and III to turn your lvl 100 gear into 115. Once you do that you can still reroll it with JOD when you can't reroll genesis with it.
    You need realm points to get genesis one so we have to spam them a lot untill we get stats which we want.

    Realm points you get at sunday dungeon and having 2k of it is max. You get 1k realm points each dungeon ans you alao get 600x magic stones once you finish it. There are also some drops like orb of spirit, capsules, tales of well, double exp (12h)....

    Ppl poss mostly in new area ans interglade now
    New area is for 135+ but lower lvls go there too by using portal tome but you need good def for it. There are drops like concetrions things for making a rose, awaken pearls, spirit infusion gems, shattered void stones.
    In interglade you get leafnodes. You have interglade npc next to mapkeeper to login interglade.

    For your lvl dream lost world is good for farming spirit. You have to go to dizzet to go there, there is some npc (i forgot his name xS)
    And you can alsi do pit of champion to get some drops, valor and spirit.

    If you play in AR server you can whisper me for any other questions. My char name is BlueRogue~
  • ladycraneladycrane Posts: 105 Community Moderator
    edited July 2015
    The evolve pets (wight, lotus, panda, Redridge Hatchling, rare others) are mostly just many many melds. You must level them as high as possible before each meld. Basically what you do is make 10 meld pets (a pet that has been melded the max of 10 times) and then you meld that 10 meld into your Main Pet. So a max uber pet is 100 (99?) evo pets all smashed into one. I'm no pet master - I dont really use them- but I could try a basic guide if I have the time.

    You get the yellow eggs from Malware mini-bosses drops. You get a worm for defeating a mini-boss, and an egg is one of the potential prizes. You need a flower in order to kill a mini-boss though. You can get a free one, each day (no idea what level requirement for Interglade: Bugblight quests are), by completing all 10 of the BugBlight Quests (same NPC as Malware/Interglade). Flowers can also be purchased, but that is very expensive (200g/ea).

    Starting from 75, you don't really craft gear anymore, you find the drops or purchase with other items. When you complete your class change, you will get a set of Def Destiny gear. You will also use destiny set at 90 (destiny gets dropped by normal mobs). 100 gear you will want Dragon Lord (DL). Which can be dropped in some maps like Futures End (FE), or you can go through a ton of work by first getting Dragon Slayer(DS) gear (with DS Debris) then doing a bunch of annoying steps that we can cover when you get there. 115 Gear you will get with Realm points from doing Sunday quest (its actually called Pokari Warehouse or something...). These gears cannot be re-rolled for stats, so doing many sunday quests is a norm for everyone. You also get Magic Stones (lots and lots of experience - 100 tokensx6) from Sunday Quest, so many ppl have many many alts to farm this weekly.

    You can upgrade your 100 DL to 115 DL with the assistance of some other items. Some ppl do a DEF set (I did a 115 DL Def set), But Gen gear is better for HP set.

    Basic Class Affinity:
    • Rogue: Ferus
    • Ranger: Aquan/Flora
    • Goon: Terra
    • Mystic: Aquan
    • Hellion: Pyra
    • Maven: Pyra
    • Conj: Pyra
    • Shamy: Flora

    98% of ppl do Def/Power for the stat points.

    As noted above, DreamsLW is your best place to be. You can try FuturesFinaly(FF) but it burns through a lot of Astral Virtue being there. You can also goto Leandris I think. You can try botting in Interglade, you get leaves/decent exp but no valor. Best place for spirit is going to be Dreams, sorry. lol

    The Wiki is still up (though no longer editable) - link in my sig.
    The DataBase seems to be dead again..so you will just have to ask around for specific drop locations.

  • rhixenrhixen Posts: 3 Arc User
    Dont get me wrong, I really really REALLY appreciate both of you taking the time to answer my questions. But for me, your answers raise more questions. You are almost speaking another language - what is talisman, where do I get one, how do I get there etc etc. I can upgrade to 115 with the assistance of some other items? What items? Where would I get them? How do I use them. You see what Im getting at?

    Look, my gripe is that all this info was available, with a bit of searching, on the old forums. I keep googling my questions and all I get is a link to this forum, and here there is nothing. I want to play this game so badly, but I cant find people in game that are willing to take the time to explain things to me - perhaps because although I am a returning player, I was never that knowledgeable to start with - I relied on guides and info I could get at the forums. So when you answer one question, you are liable to get 5 more. And for some reason people just dont want to be bothered to explain. If they even bother to answer you. To me it seems that most ppl just poss. This game is not simple by any stretch of the imagination. Part of the reason I love it so much. Maybe I am just in the wrong ally. Or the wrong timezone. I dunno.

    Anyway thanks Blue and LadyCrane. I really appreciate you taking the time to answer me.
  • nikolina21nikolina21 Posts: 62 Arc User
    Ok i see, in which server do you play? It'll be easier if i explain you in game, to show you where and how.
  • ladycraneladycrane Posts: 105 Community Moderator
    edited July 2015
    We now have a Knowledge Repository sub-forum. I moved the guides that we have to it. I will continue to work on going through the original guides from the old forum and bringing over what I can (thats a terrible sentence). In the mean time, please be patient during the transistion (and you are more than welcome to post all your questions in the General Discussion sub-forum)

    (I will be moving posts out of this "non"-section soon.)

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