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batusay2010batusay2010 Posts: 21 Arc User
US East side, thre are 2 servers, Diago and Chimera. I play on Chimera but that server is DEAD. Since you guys closed EU server I guess you lost tons of players there. Now I try to play again but with who? There are almost NO players on Chimera server. To make a Catacomb, or Garden it is a pain and horror! I need to ask 1000 time until some level 40 player come and help.
Honestly, merge the 2 servers or just close it if it comes to that.
Let me know via my personal e-mail when this is done, untill then enjoy your emtpy server. I'm done with it! RaiderZ game owners don't want new players then I don't even bother with it.
I might check it out in few years again see how it goes, if stil sux like this then I will try to forget this game. Once a beautiful game with lots of players now is a dead game!
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